Jax Taylor Alleges Schwartz & Sandy’s Owner Wants to “Get Rid” of Tom Sandoval, & He Was Offered Ownership, Shares How Lisa Vanderpump Broke Down to Him Over RHOBH

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Jax Taylor Claims He Was Offered Ownership in Schwartz & Sandy's, Shares What the Manager Said About Sandoval and Why He Declined, Plus Talks Lisa Vanderpump

Credit: Faye’s Vision/Cover Images, Bravo

Jax Taylor alleged he was offered ownership in Schwartz & Sandy’s during a recent visit to the bar while appearing on a podcast on Friday.

As he detailed the information given to him by the owner and manager, who allegedly wants to “get rid” of Tom Sandoval due to the backlash his affair with Raquel Leviss has garnered the venue, the Vanderpump Rules alum looked back on the one-on-ones he used to have with Lisa Vanderpump during her days on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“She would come to me when she had issues on [RHOBH], like ‘How do you deal with this?’ … She would pull me aside like, ‘How do you deal with this?’” he recalled on the June 9 episode of The Toast, via Rate My Bravo on Instagram. “We would have one-on-one talks where Lisa would break down to me and be like, ‘How do you get through this? The women are being like this.’ We would have one on one talks all the time.”

According to Jax, he was “a little offended by it” at the time. But now, understanding that Lisa was under a lot of pressure as a bar owner, he understands.

“Owning a bar, it’s the hardest thing to do, especially if you’re married. It’s like, your marriage will never last a band or a bar. No marriage will last that,” he stated, seemingly signaling to why he didn’t immediately jump at the opportunity to buy into Schwartz & Sandy’s.

After sharing that he recently went to the bar on a Thursday night at 10 o’clock and stating that it “wasn’t that busy, Jax revealed a rumor he heard.

“I heard that they are trying to buy Tom Sandoval out. In fact, they offered me, if I was interested in taking over,” he claimed before admitting he doesn’t know “if it was a strong offer or not.”

“I was at the bar late at night, and the manager/owner of Schwartz & Sandy’s was like, ‘Hey, we want to get rid of Tom Sandoval. We want to find another buyer. Would you be interested?'” he recalled. “And I’d been drinking, and I was like, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ I couldn’t do that to Tom Schwartz either. It’s just a lot of work and a lot of pressure, a bar.”

That said, Jax acknowledged that it would certainly be “funny” if he and James Kennedy took over.

“How funny would it be if I did… Jax and James. James and Jax. What if we had our own [bar]?” he asked.

Jax said he thought James was “hilarious” on season 10 and stated he’s “100 percent” the new number one guy in the group.