RHONJ’s Frank Catania is Slammed Over “Garbage” Podcast Interview After Sharing Why He Believes Women Are Cheating as Fans React

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Fans Slam Frank Catania over “Garbage” Podcast Interview, when RHONJ Star Talks “Back in The Day” when It Was a “Man’s World,” and Shares Why He Believes More Women Are Cheating

Credit: Bravo

Fans slammed Frank Catania over a “garbage” podcast interview, where the attorney shared his controversial views about why he believes more women are having affairs. Then, one of the hosts joked that women should be in the ‘kitchen.’

Frank was previously married to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania, who has shared that Frank cheated on her in their marriage.

Speaking on the Champ And The Tramp podcast, Frank commented that “back in the day” it was a “man’s world,” though “now it’s changed.”

“It’s a shame,” said the attorney, who later shared that “90 percent” of his infidelity-related divorce cases involved “the guy” cheating, but nowadays “at least 50” percent of the cheating is done by women.

“They were unhappy in the marriage. They wanted to go out. They missed something in life beforehand,” he added. “I think it is [women getting more independent] … rightfully so. I do believe that, you know, women, there is definitely equality, men and women, and I believe it should be. Women have definitely, they’ve, someone[‘s] sparked something behind them.”

Frank eventually laughed after a host joked that women should be in ‘the kitchen.’

After a clip of the interview was shared on Instagram, many fans commented with their disgust.

“Eww this is garbage,” wrote @queensofbravo.

“Isn’t your daughter a doctor?” asked another. “You’re better than this Frank.”

A third fan added sarcastically, “Yea let’s go back in time when men can go back to cheating 100% more than women who are stuck at home [and] had fewer rights and independence but [if] men are happy that’s all that matters.”

Another viewer expressed, “These men are the reason why divorce is usually initiated by women. Women are making their own money and don’t have to put up with losers like these men. I like Frank but this ain’t it.”

A fifth fan wrote, “Misogyny isn’t cute.” Another user asked, “What happened to Frank? Come back to the light Frank. Come back to the light.”