RHOA Recap: Marlo Reveals Kenya’s Boyfriend Roi Once Slid Into Her DMs as Sheree Calls Out Double Standards, Plus Drew Cries and Walks Off After Confronting Sheree for Outing Her Lawsuit Drama

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Marlo Reveals Kenya’s Boyfriend Roi Slid Into Her DMs as Sheree Calls Out Double Standards, Plus Drew Cries and Walks Off After Confronting Sheree for Outing Her Lawsuit Drama

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, our episode is titled “Healing by Sheree.” Is Sheree a miracle worker that will be able to cure what ails the RHOA this season and seasons past? Let us dive into the cesspool and see for ourselves, shall we?

Kandi is doing her charitable thing for Thanksgiving and giving out dinners to those who are in need. She is using her platform and giving back, which I love to see. Kenya is finally able to introduce Brooklyn to her grandpa, which is super sweet. Brooklyn is so adorable hugging her grandpa, and Kenya should be proud she has raised such a happy child.

Ralph is treating Drew and her crew of ladies to a brunch before their Portugal trip. He then shares that the other men have planned this since they can play nicely — but they have delegated the cooking to the pros. Drew is surprised that Ralph is stepping up and has planned this event. She knows he does not know his way around the kitchen. Ralph clearly cannot wait for her to leave so he can go on another search for a good beach…

Sanya and Ross arrive, and they are such a striking couple together. Courtney, who reminds me of a Muppet with her voice, comes with her ex named Bryce. Kandi, who knows Bryce, cannot believe that he ever put up with Courtney. Allison has joined the ladies’ brunch, and I am happy for Drew to have her sister back in her life. Sheree and Kenya join the group without any plus ones. Kenya is surprised to see Bryce after they had their hook up a past interaction from 20 years ago. Sheree wants to see Kenya’s guy, who is MIA. Martell is not feeling well, and honestly, no one misses him — except for Sheree who is blissfully unaware of his dirty dog behavior.

Marlo joins the party and brings Scotley, but Kenya is not feeling his outfit. She tells the other ladies that she is just dating him, and this is unfamiliar territory for her since she does not need to bring her Square reader on dates for services rendered. Kandi had met Scotley before and never thought these two would be a love connection. She shares that she is casting for Todd’s new movie, and Kenya is awaiting an offer for a role. Kenya is surprised that Drew got cast in the lead role. She wants the role since she put threesomes on the map.

Kenya gets a call from Roi, and Marlo mentions that she went on a date with him before. Marlo is sharing that Roi slid into her DMs, and you know Kenya is going to lose her sh*t. Kenya is thrilled that Roi discovered she was a better choice. The other ladies know Kenya cannot be excited that she scored Marlo’s sloppy seconds. Sheree asks if Drew is going to pay the chefs that are cooking since there was a chef that claims she was not paid $1K. She clearly was prodded by a producer to mention this incident, especially with her own history of nonpayment! Kenya tells Courtney that she is too touchy-feely and does not want her hands on her.

The ladies start arriving at the airport to leave for Portugal. Kandi is ill with food poisoning, and how brutal would that be for eight hours! Sanya mentions that Kandi was in the bathroom for two hours on the plane. Marlo asks production during her ITM what happened, and they are super shady describing Kandi’s plight. Kandi had a bubble gut situation, and she knows how to rally even when she is sick as a dog.

The ladies are going to Algarve, Portugal, which is known as a paradise for those who seek wellness. Sheree has allegedly planned this healing trip to Portugal. I am looking forward to seeing Portugal since it is on my bucket list. Kenya blatantly lies when Sheree calls her out for looking away when Sheree mentions healing this group. Why is Courtney on this trip, and where did Sheree’s old face go?

The ladies call their husbands, and Drew mentions that Ralph is in Vegas. Drew has no clue what Ralph is up to in Vegas. She mentions that Ralph was requested to be a dancer in a Black Magic Mike-type show. Ralph does have an affinity for strip clubs, especially in Tampa, aka the Strip Club Capital of the World. The ladies then want to see who is truly worldwide in this group and see who gets recognized first in Portugal. Money is on Ms. Worldwide!

Monyetta shares that she has an orphanage in Africa, and the more I hear about her, the more impressed I get. She has danced with Prince AND she is philanthropic too? Drew is annoyed with Sheree for suggesting that she does not pay her bills.

Kandi and Kenya mention that the trip is going well — so far. You know a producer is going to push someone to stick their finger in someone’s cage to provoke them. Kenya shares she has been divorcing longer than her marriage. Kandi asks Kenya if she is creeped out that Roi went out with Marlo before. In her ITM, Kenya says that Roi does not have to pay for p*ssy. Sanya finds it hypocritical that Martell got shaded for sliding into Kenya’s DMs, but Roi is held harmless. Marlo shades Kenya and says that Kenya cannot keep a man, so this relationship will be over soon.

The ladies head out for some authentic food. Sheree is hoping this is a healing trip. Courtney then wants to know why Kenya was so upset with her. Kenya tells Courtney that she finds her to be condescending, which is beyond hilarious coming from Kenya. Courtney tells Kenya she is giving her some mean girl energy. She thinks that she is the only one getting this energy, but has she watched the show? They then start discussing the many b*tch faces of Ms. Burruss.

Drew then launches into why Sheree would come for her over a lawsuit. She has more of an issue that Sheree had this conversation behind her back. Sheree and Drew are having a conversation, but clearly, no one is being heard in this conversation. The other ladies share that some of Sheree’s merch that was given out at the reunion was taken back from them — except for Marlo, who shows off her collection in her ITM. Sheree thinks that Drew is a liar and continues to deflect. Side note: I felt Drew’s frustration through the TV in this scene, and it relates to how “Wreck it Ralph” speaks to her.

Sheree clearly did not see the irony in her plans for this trip — to heal and reunite. Drew leaves the table crying in frustration, and Sheree gets pushed to follow her and make it right since the trip is all about saving this season healing. We then get a to-be-continued.

Next week, we get more Portugal, and Monyetta seems to show another side of herself. Happy Monday, Blurbers, and have a productive week!