VIDEO: Bethenny Frankel Calls for Reality Stars to Form a Union, Accuses Entertainment Industry of “Exploitation,” and Demands Fair Pay Amid Writers Strike

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Bethenny Frankel Suggests She’s Forming a Reality Star “Union,” Calls Out “Exploitation” in Industry and Says She’s Gathering a “List” of Likeminded Stars: "The Reality Reckoning Is Here"

Credit: ROGER WONG/ Images

Bethenny Frankel suggested she’s forming a “union” for reality stars, and she revealed she’s gathering “a list” of like-minded celebs. She said many stars have contacted her, but they are scared about violating their “NDAs.”

The Real Housewives of New York alum claimed reality stars will be the “pack horses” who do the “heavy lifting” for the entertainment industry amid the recent actors and writers strike in Hollywood.

“So this is to my reality star losers — which is what everyone thinks of us as — if you are with me, because I’ve gotten many of your messages but I’m trying to get it organized, just message me on Instagram in caps, saying ‘I’m with Bethenny,'” declared the star in a video shared by @knowudidnt1 on Twitter.

The alum said she’s “getting a list together” so she can give the “networks and streamers” a “real number of how many people are with me.”

Bethenny claimed many stars are messaging her but are concerned about their “NDAs.”

“We’ll figure that out,” she said, “and find a way to protect you. They’re not gonna f**k around. Trust me.”

In another video posted on Instagram, Bethenny explained there’s a “reality TV reckoning,” and she called it “#thebethennyclause.”

According to Bethenny, the experience of reality stars is different than actors because reality stars are exposing their real lives and families.

“Look at Raquel [Leviss] having an affair,” said Bethenny. “Her life is pretty much ruined and at what price? Reality television exploits affairs, bankruptcy, falling off the wagon … risking cancellation every time the camera goes on.”

She then referenced her divorce, when past clips of Bethenny with her ex-husband were shown continually. The stars “build [the] intellectual property” of the shows, according to the alum, who suggested she’s learning to form a “union.”

“The reality reckoning is here and #thebethennyclause is born,” wrote Bethenny in the caption. “Hell hath no fury like a reality star scorned. The days of exploitation & promoting IP that we don’t profit from are over.”