RHOA Recap: Drew is Accused of Kissing Latoya Ali as Her Issues With Ralph Start to Surface, and She Confronts Kandi for Mocking Her Amid Meltdown, Plus Kenya Injures Her Back

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RHOA Recap: Drew is Accused of Kissing Latoya Ali as Her Issues With Ralph Start to Surface and She Confronts Kandi for Mocking Her Amid Meltdown, Plus Kenya Injures Her Back

We are still in Portugal with our Real Housewives of Atlanta. We are in for some make-ups and cover-ups during this episode. Shall we dive in?

Kandi believes that Drew was just acting when she dramatically left the table. She calls “and scene” when she leaves. Drew shares that this woman who sued her has reached out to bloggers and has slammed her. Kenya, in her ITM, sees this for what it is and finds it to be all about the Sidora marriage. She wants to rally this group and get these broke b*tches to come up with the $1,000. She is fine with splitting lawsuits but not lunch checks.

Drew admits in her ITM that when she travels Ralph is out to play, and he cannot be trusted. She shares his manager is the one who got him all oiled up for her video. This woman is the same one from last season who likes to give him massages, and she is now in Vegas with him for the show. Sheree and Drew get tangled up in each other’s braids when they have their ‘come to Jesus’ moment.

Sanya wants everyone to give each other grace when they have something going on. The other ladies call Kandi out for being too busy. Kandi is afraid to stop her building process, and she admits she has no ‘me time.’ She clearly feels the rug is going to get pulled out from her if she stops hustling, but when is enough, enough?

Monyetta and Drew talk about the previous evening, and there was not much healing. Marlo sends Sanya to go change because she resembled Billie Jean in her jeans. Sheree wants to bring back the fun in the group and concludes they are too divided. Kenya is late again, and she is still in her room drinking coffee. She is now 90 minutes late, and while walking to the van, she wipes out on her big butt. Kenya clearly has cushion, but it was not enough for that wet, hard floor. Kenya thinks she broke her coccyx and is sobbing in pain. I get it since I have busted my a*s bone and it is excruciating. She wants Kandi to come with her to the hospital since she clearly gets sh*t done.

Sheree is concerned that the weather is a premonition for this trip. Courtney believes that Kenya got some karma. She thinks this mean girl and her bad energy need to go. Courtney believes Kenya has escaped by ambulance both times while on girls’ trips. Do you think she has a valid point? Does this chick realize that Kenya will come for her now and eat her alive?

The other ladies decide to go shopping when the weather is bad. Bolo comes up since Courtney says she knows him, and he does not live far from her home. I thought we were done with the low swinging one… They have a chef who picks their vegetables out. There is a rabbit that appears to have a juicy booty, and the ladies are in awe of it.

Monyetta and Sheree call Kandi to get Kenya’s status. Kandi shares that there has been a language barrier, but they have found ways to get Kenya help. She is the friend I would want with me if I was in a similar situation.

The ladies have lunch made from the market. Talk about farm-to-table goodness, right? Monyetta surmises that Marlo is trying to take Kenya’s shine by saying she dated Roi. Marlo reminds her that Kenya was quick to reference DMs with Martell. Sheree wants Monyetta to pull her head out of Kenya and Kandi’s a*s since she is not clearly viewing the situation buried in their as*holes.

Martell calls Sheree and wants to know how long she will be gone because he is missing out on sex. Forgive me for saying this, but I hope that Sheree is not ignoring her fibroids because Martell would miss out on sexy time for six weeks. Marlo finds Martell to be an upgrade since he has no ankle bracelet. She then continues her apology tour and apologizes to Drew for being nasty to her. Drew just wants her to be more consistent. They cheer since they see a glimpse of sunshine finally. Kenya gets back from the hospital and has no broken bones. Kandi is just happy that she scored some drumettes after spending hours in an international hospital.

The ladies decide to paint some pottery. Sheree wants the ladies to behave themselves surrounded by all this breakable pottery. Marlo thinks everyone gets along when Kandi and Kenya are not around. Production shows plenty of clips illustrating that.

They decide to have a slumber party back at the hotel. Sheree is talking with Martell and wishes he was here. Marlo gets a call from Scotley, and these two are clearly banging. Sheree orders food for the party, which always makes me hungry since I love to eat! Drew arrives with her underboob hanging out. Kandi arrives in her outfit that resembles Cleo from Set It Off. Kenya is not coming and is chilling in her room.

Kandi thinks the hospital was like the movie The Walking Dead, which I found freaking hilarious. She shares that Kenya did not have any broken bones. Kandi is happy that she got to chill with just Kenya. Drew calls Kandi out for suggesting she was acting when she left the table crying the previous night. She wants Kandi to know she has enough acting jobs and does not need to practice scenes with this group. Kandi has concluded that Drew has been clashing with everyone in this group. She tells her that she was not trying to drag her and this grasp at drama is over.

Sanya shares what is happening with her sister and how they have been having issues. She mentions they are not going to be in the same house anymore. Drew insists that Drop It With Drew is still a thing, and I just cannot with this one. Sheree wants to know why all these girls are not buying her merch. Sanya said there are issues just finding the cart on the site. Marlo says the other ladies think the items are overpriced but insinuates she does not feel that way.

Production wraps, and we have Marlo’s cellphone video. Drew gets asked about kissing LaToya, and she insists it never happened. The production shows the reunion scene where LaToya suggests that Drew was cheating on Ralph. Drew insists that she has NEVER kissed a woman, and Kandi has lied when she claimed she witnessed it. Side note: I think that Kandi and Todd wanted Drew for the role in their movie because they know she is going to be comfortable in that role. Drew should just own it and stop denying it. NO ONE would blame her for stepping out on Ralph.

Drew insists that she never kissed a woman. She is then faced with rumors that she was dating Ty, who is a WNBA player. Drew sobs in her ITM when production asks about it. She clearly is going to be the focus for the rest of the RHOA season — but is it enough to salvage this disastrous season?

Next week, we will find out more about Drew and Ty. Drew will also file for divorce, so that will be covered heavily. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and thanks for your encouragement helping me to get through this season of RHOA!