Kameron Westcott’s Father-in-Law Accuses Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom of Stealing $15 Million Mansion, Details Revealed as RHOD Alum Discusses His “Heartbreaking” Battle With Huntington’s Disease

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Kameron Westcott’s Father-in-Law Claims Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Stole $15 Million Mansion as RHOD Alum Discusses "Heartbreaking" Battle With Huntington’s Disease

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Kameron Westcott‘s father-in-law, 83-year-old veteran Carl Westcott, claims Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom stole his $15 million Santa Barbara mansion.

Amid a lawsuit in which Carl, the father of Kameron’s husband, Court Westcott, claimed to have been tricked into signing a contract in 2020 to sell the home, which he had purchased just two months prior, the Real Housewives of Dallas alum, 40, opened up about Carl’s battle with Huntington’s disease on Instagram.

“My incredible father-in-law Carl has been suffering Huntington’s disease in silence,” Kameron began in an emotional post on August 8. “This very rare disease affects only around 200,000 people per year, but when it does, it’s heartbreaking – for those suffering symptoms directly and the entire family. Before Carl’s health continues to deteriorate I wanted to share some of our favorite happier memories with him and use his story, to share with you information on Huntington’s and to bring light to this terrible disease!”

She continued, along with a series of family photos,  “Huntington’s disease is a rare, inherited disease that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. While treatment can help, the condition itself is incurable. One of the most challenging aspects is the disease’s impact on functional abilities, cognitive behavior, and psychiatric disorders.”

According to Radar Online, Carl claimed to be on painkillers after a six-hour back surgery when he agreed to sell his home to Katy and Orlando and noted that he contacted their real estate agent, Bernie Gudvi, shortly thereafter to inform them he’d changed his mind. However, Carl was ultimately told, via a letter, that the couple was “not willing to walk away” — and that he was “obligated to complete the sale.”

RHOD Kameron Westcott With Father in Law Who is Suing Katy Perry

In Carl’s lawsuit, Katy and Orlando are not named as defendants. Instead, it is their real estate agent, Bernie, who is accused of wrongdoing, which Bernie denies.

According to court documents, Carl is unable to attend the trial because he’s mentally incapacitated and bedridden. So, his attorneys are requesting his doctor, Garry W. Small, testify on his behalf in regard to the mental state he was in when the 2020 contract was signed.

“[Carl] was under the influence of several intoxicating pain-killing opiates that his physicians instructed him to take when he was discharged from the hospital a few days earlier,” documents state. “The multiple opiate medications, which were a synthetic form of morphine, disoriented and intoxicated Plaintiff, depriving him of reason and understanding with respect to the terms and consequences of the contract, and seriously impaired Plaintiff’s mental faculties to the point he was of unsound mind and not competent to give his free, voluntary, or intelligent consent to the contract.”

The trial will begin later this month.

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