RHOA Recap: Drew Reaches Her Breaking Point With Ralph, Sanya is Pregnant and Kenya is Considering Another Baby With Marc

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Drew Reaches Her Breaking Point With Ralph, Sanya is Pregnant and Kenya is Considering Another Baby With Marc

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have been served an episode titled “Wreck-it Ralph.” Drew and Ralph are on a collision course toward divorce. They need to let Jesus take the wheel on this one and drive Drew out of this mess!

Drew is checking out a private home where they will be having a mental health event. She reflects on her sister Allison’s journey and how her divorce preceded her breakdown. Drew seems to be concerned that her sister dealt with this breakdown after her divorce. She is concerned about her own mental health as she and Ralph navigate their dysfunctional relationship. Side note: Thank God for the cute kid scenes with Brooklyn, Blaze, and Deuce, or I would never survive these episodes!

Sanya is enjoying the new Rolex she got from Ross. She gleefully wants to show Ross a notebook. There is a pregnancy stick that shows she is indeed pregnant with their second child. Ross is smiling big time, and this is a very endearing scene. He kisses her belly and seems overcome with emotion. Sanya and Ross decide to let the rest of the family know their good news. They put on shirts that say “We’re Pregnant,” and her mom is struggling to figure out what they are trying to say. Congrats to Sanya and Ross on this happy news!

Shari then bursts Sanya’s bubble and lets her know they have found an apartment. Sanya is now going to have to hire a nanny to help with the childcare. Sanya then lets Deuce know he is going to be a big brother, which is super sweet. He seems to be excited to have a new sibling.

Drew and Ralph go out to bowl for a date night. She thinks this is what Dr. Ken ordered for them to make their relationship a priority. Drew reflects on their Christmas, and SHE believes she is in a good place. She thinks that having Allison around is also helpful for her mental health. Ralph thinks that they need to practice saving their relationship instead of going to a therapist who just wants to dissect everything. He believes he is doing the work and he then explains his point and suggests that it might be too intellectual for Drew to grasp. Ralph certainly has a way of belittling Drew, and he does it in a nefarious way.

Drew wants support from Ralph not only for their marriage but also while she is making the movie. Ralph downplays what Drew has going on. He talks down to her and lets her know that he is busier than her and is not interested in creating a Daddy Daycare like Todd. Ralph compares himself to Barack Obama, and he needs to check himself and then check himself again before trying to make that comparison. IMO, Barack would never speak to Michelle like Ralph speaks to Drew #respect.

Kandi comes over to visit Kenya, and they discuss her new salon. Shamea then joins them, and it is good to see her again. Kenya mentions that she wants to have another baby — with embryos from Mark. I am sorry — it is cringeworthy at this point seeing her put something from Marc into her body. The topic of surrogacy comes up since Kenya would have complications carrying the baby herself. Kandi and Shamea used the same surrogate, and they had a positive experience. She wants to know if she is getting Mark’s blessing, and supposedly, she has the right to use the embryos. Kenya then spills some shady tea and mentions Martell asking for Cash app donations from those who attended Sheree’s birthday dinner.

Sheree takes her dog Gotti to a groomer, which is such a filler scene, but I will tolerate it since I love animals. She needs to stick with her sweet dog and put the dirty dog Martell back outside for good. Martell calls, and she mentions that he came to town for her birthday and will be there for New Year’s. They are both busy and are trying to make time for each other. I cannot help but think this is a manufactured storyline.

Kandi and Drew meet up, and it is a little awkward since Drew has convinced herself that Kandi owes her an apology. Todd is having the table read for the movie The Pass. Kandi thinks that Todd really needs to complete something on his own, and creating this movie accomplishes that. This movie is really a friendly affair with other cast members being featured.

Drew is now having her mental health retreat for not only Allison but herself. She acknowledges that in the Black community, there is a stigma regarding mental health. Drew is going to do a Drop it With Drew workout, but Marlo thinks the internet has already dropped it. Ralph comes in, and he hugs every woman in the room — except his wife. He is passive-aggressive, and I find myself cringing for Drew. Allison shares her story about having anxiety and panic attacks. She spent 19 days in a psychiatric hospital. Allison is brave to share her story, and hopefully, she will help those who struggle with mental illness.

Sheree asks Drew about her court date. Drew informs them that the woman suing her is being countersued by them. Drew mentions the woman brought over food that had hair in it. She did not behave like a nanny would and did not interact with her kids. Drew confuses the other ladies when the amount of the suit is now $10k instead of what she initially told them. She also needs to work on her relationship with the truth after being indoctrinated by Ralph.

Kenya asks Sheree about her birthday post. Sheree pretty much invited everyone except Kandi, Kenya, and Drew. She defends not asking Kandi since she knows she is always busy. Cynthia asks the group why they are so divided. She awaits the answer, as do I, but there are no definitive responses. Monyetta spills the tea that Courtney has called Drew a b*tch, but that does not explain why the rest of the cast members are divided. Le Sigh…

The ladies take a group shot, and Sanya is wearing a shirt that says “I’m pregnant.” The ladies rejoice with Sanya, and it is a tender moment. Kenya is getting baby fever after hearing Sanya’s news. The event ends on a positive note, which I was afraid it would not — since Ralph would be in attendance.

Drew is having Dr. Ken come over for a house call. She shares with Dr. Ken that they had a disastrous date night. Ralph has moved into the other bedroom, which is the beginning of the end IMHO. Drew compares her marriage to a “perpetual cycle.” I agree that Drew has been indoctrinated by Ralph to feel she has no value without him, which is very sad. She is tired of putting in all the work and does not feel respected in her marriage. Dr. Ken does not seem to be a fan of Ralph and seems pleased that Drew is finally seeing his gaslighting behavior. He makes a great point when he tells Drew that her first relationship is with yourself, and if you are not doing that, you can’t be good for anybody else.  Drew wants to know, when is enough, enough? It is NOW, Drew!

Next week, Drew is filming her sexy scenes in The Pass. Sheree is having a Sip and See for baby Mecca. We are almost through this disastrous season! Be well, Blurbers, and see you next week when we can at least see little Mecca!