VIDEO: Tom Sandoval Gets Involved in Physical Altercation at Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Finale After a Drink is Tossed and a Chair is Nearly Thrown

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
VIDEO: Tom Sandoval Gets Into Fight at Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Finale After a Drink is Tossed and a Chair is Nearly Thrown

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The Vanderpump Rules cast filmed their season 11 finale on Friday night in San Francisco. And, not surprisingly, the event was far from drama-free.

After Tom Sandoval, 40, and Ariana Madix, 38, arrived to the city earlier this week with his rumored girlfriend Tii and her boyfriend Daniel Wai, as well as their co-stars, including Scheana Shay, 38, Brock Davies, Katie Maloney, 36, Tom Schwartz, 40, Lala Kent, 33, James Kennedy, 31, and Ally Lewber, Sandoval was seemingly attacked by an unidentified man, who hurled a drink in his direction.

In a video shared to TikTok, a man in a gold blazer was seen picking up a drink and throwing the beverage at the direction of Sandoval, who quickly responded to the attack.

Man Throws Drink at Tom Sandoval During Vanderpump Rules Finale

As the man then picked up a chair, seemingly with plans to throw it and further escalate the situation, Sandoval ran to the other side to grab it and pull it away from the unruly partygoer.

Tom Sandoval Fight at Vanderpump Rules Finale

At that point, a man who appears to be security stepped in and grabbed the man, preventing him from staging any further attacks on Sandoval, or anyone else at the event.

Tom Sandoval Attacker Confined by Security Amid Vanderpump Rules Finale

As security took control of the situation, Sandoval stood sternly nearby, likely in a state of shock at the seemingly unprovoked behavior of the man. It’s unclear if Sandoval was the one the man meant to attack or if Sandoval was simply helping to deescalate the fight.

Tom Sandoval After Fight at Vanderpump Rules Finale

As Bravo Betch shared the clip from TikTok on their Instagram page, they described the fight as “random,” confirming the event was filmed for the new season of Pump Rules.

Although it is hard to say why the man was so upset with Sandoval, one would guess that it had something to do with his months-long affair with Raquel Leviss, 28, which took place behind the back of his longtime partner Ariana throughout the 10th season of the Bravo reality series.

As Pump Rules fans may have heard, Raquel opted out of filming season 11 after undergoing two months of mental health therapy.

“I refuse to not respect myself on that level where I would endure that emotional abuse any longer,” she told Bethenny Frankel, 53, of the decision on her Just B With Bethenny podcast. “I can’t do that to myself. They want me back [but] I know that other people on the cast are more important than I am so I don’t even think that I would get a redemption arc… I also know that I wouldn’t be able to share all of my story. Whatever I share gets condensed to five minutes max.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is expected to begin airing sometime later this year or in early 2024 on Bravo.