Woman Alleges Angie Katsanevas Hooked Up With Ex-Boyfriend Amid RHOSLC Drama as Meredith Marks Reacts & Shares Update on Friendship With Angie, Plus Fans Weigh in

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Woman Alleges Angie Katsanevas Hooked Up With Ex Amid RHOSLC Drama as Meredith Marks Shares Update on Friendship With Angie, Plus Fans React

Meredith Marks had an interview with a podcast host who alleges her ex-boyfriend “used to hook up” with Angie Katsanevas, as fans speculate that Angie and her husband Shawn are allegedly in an open marriage.

On a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Monica Garcia claimed Meredith repeated a rumor that Shawn was having affairs with other men – an allegation that both Angie and Shawn denied. Meredith also denied she ever said it.

On the “Sofia with an F” podcast, Meredith’s interviewer Sofia Franklyn suggested her ex-boyfriend hooked up with Angie.

“What’s your relationship like with Angie?” asked Sofia.

Meredith shared that it wasn’t “super positive.”

Sofia went on to say, “Can I tell you something crazy? I’m pretty sure my ex-boyfriend used to hook up with [Angie].”

“No way!” said Meredith. “That’s too funny.”

“[It’s] kind of crazy because I’m 31,” the host added, seemingly indicating that her ex-boyfriend is close in age.

Meredith later explained she “doesn’t know” Angie very well, and seemingly indicated this is why she didn’t invite her to the cast trip.

“Like I barely know you,” said Meredith, addressing Angie directly. “I’ve been around you maybe half a dozen a dozen times in a group setting. We’ve never done anything individually. I’ve never gone out to dinner with you or you and your husband.”

Though Meredith admitted to alluding to rumors about Angie’s husband, she insisted she “never repeated” them.

“I shouldn’t have alluded to it,” said Meredith. “But you know what? You poke the bear long enough and hard enough, I’m human.”

After a fan account @SONJARlTA shared the clip of the podcast on Twitter, some fans began speculating that Angie and Shawn aren’t monogamous.

“They always wanna find someone to blame,” wrote one viewer. “Angie and her husband don’t have romantic chemistry.”

Another alleged that Angie is “trying to use Meredith as a scapegoat.”

One user, however, defended the newbie. “So what if they aren’t [monogamous], maybe their marriage works for them and they don’t want their family knowing they have an open marriage.”

As of now, none of the open marriage allegations have been verified.

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