RHOSLC’s Angie Katsanevas and Husband Shawn Address Affair Rumor as Angie Doubles Down on Meredith’s “Fake and Rented” Life Claim and Shares Where She Stands With Mary and Monica

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RHOSLC's Angie Katsanevas and Husband Talk Rumor as She Suspects Lisa-Meredith Truce Won't Last, Doubles Down on Meredith's "Fake and Rented" Life, and Slams Monica

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Angie Katsanevas was featured on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live, where she and husband Shawn Trujillo addressed a rumor claiming he’s been cheating on her by engaging in same-sex relationships behind her back.

After newbie Monica Garcia, 39, brought up the rumor on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Angie and Shawn clapped back as Angie explained why she isn’t convinced Lisa Barlow, 48, and Meredith Marks‘ truce will last and offered an update on where she stands with both Monica and Mary Cosby, 50.

“I’m always inclusive. I’ll always extend the invite. I did my best. I tried multiple times through the season. [But] I didn’t really feel like I made any headway with Mary,” Angie admitted on the October 3 episode of WWHL: After Show.

And in the months since, they have “absolutely not” gotten any closer.

“I don’t know how to connect with Mary. I’ve told her how good she looks. I’ve complimented her on her fashion, her hair, her makeup, and I’ve still gotten nowhere. So I tried,” she noted.

On the live broadcast of WWHL, Angie confirmed that she’s equally distant with Monica.

“It’s what it looks like in this last recent episode,” she said of their dynamic. “[It’s] not good. [She’s] not trustworthy. It’s not friendship and it never was apparently.”

Angie was then asked to defend saying Meredith’s store is covered in cobwebs.

“Hey look, I’m just going off the fact that every time I’ve gone in there there’s been one little piece, a little dust around it, and it was the same piece that was still there months later,” she explained. “That’s why I said she hasn’t sold a piece since 2000 B.C.”

Angie also stood by her claim of Meredith’s life being “fake and rented.”

“It kind of is,” she insisted.

While some felt that Angie was too hard on Meredith, 51, amid their dinner table feud, Angie said there was more to the story that wasn’t seen.

“I had seen Meredith when cameras were down. She hugged me, she told me all about her summer, all about her travels, I saw her again a week later. She hugged me,” Angie revealed. “[So] I really didn’t think showing up on that trip and the situation was going to elevate to what it did. I guess she had a lot more disdain for me than I really understood but if you’re gonna see someone out socially and hug them and act like they’re your friend, you should expect that they’d be a little taken back that you are icing them out and exclude them from the group.”

From the sound of things, Angie and Meredith won’t be making up any time soon. And when it comes to Meredith and Lisa rekindling their friendship, Angie isn’t sold. In fact, after a viewer suggested Meredith only made up with Lisa because she needed an ally, Angie seemed to agree.

“You are a very smart lady,” she replied. “In my opinion … I don’t think it’s gonna last because here we are again in the same predicament. I had Lisa calling me crying because of the rumors Meredith was putting out there about Lisa and now I’m in the same position with my daughter and my family so I know it’s been hurtful for Lisa to relive and it’s kind of just reopened a wound that was already there so I don’t know how long Lisa can trust and comfortably move forward comfortably with Meredith.”

As for the rumors Meredith alluded to about her own life, Angie accused Meredith of playing “copy and paste” before noting that Monica wasn’t being a friend by bringing them up.

“I feel that the two of them are both lying and there’s some holes in the story. Monica said, ‘Oh she said this.’ And last week she’s back peddling on the rumors. It’s just a lot of holes in the story and it’s not adding up,” Angie stated. “It just feels like someone wants to hurt me and be relevant at my expense.”

According to Angie, she never even heard the rumor prior to Monica mentioning it.

“I think stereotyping for a hairdresser 15 years ago, yes, you may have heard that, but there have never been infidelity rumors in my marriage existing in Salt Lake City or anywhere,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Shawn, who was in the audience, spoke out as well.

“It was interesting,” he admitted. “For me, it’s not a gay-straight thing. It’s an infidelity thing for me. We love our gay community. We’ve been embedded in it for 30 years now just based on what we do for our business but you know it’s just… I’m here to support Angie and I’ll take the hits.”

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