RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow on Who She Blames For “Favor” Rumors, Applauds Whitney & Slams Meredith’s “Total Lie,” Plus She Reacts to Her “Disengaging,” and Talks Issues With Heather

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RHOSLC's Lisa Barlow Applauds Whitney Amid "Favor" Rumors, Slams Meredith's "Total Lie," and Reacts to Her "Disengaging," Plus Talks Issues With Heather

Lisa Barlow appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she opened up about Real Housewives of Salt Lake City rumors.

Before revealing the “total lie” Meredith Marks told Angie Harrington, reacting to Meredith “disengaging” from her, and dishing on her ongoing issues with Heather Gay and Angie H., Lisa was questioned about whether she blames Meredith, Angie H., or Whitney Rose for the swirling rumors regarding her supposed Vida Tequila “favors.”

“I will be very clear about who I blame at the reunion, but what I am grateful for is that Whitney had the guts in Arizona to come to the table and say, ‘We’re all talking about you behind your back, and this is what we’re saying.’ Because if she didn’t, it would’ve just gone on and on and on, and I would be being kind and nice to a bunch of girls that were stabbing me in the back,” Lisa said on the November 16 episode of WWHL.

In addition to the “favor” rumors being false, Lisa said Meredith also spread false information to Angie H. and her husband Chris when she claimed Lisa had also created fake accounts to troll people.

“It’s a total lie,” Lisa confirmed. “I don’t have any fake accounts. All my accounts have my face on it, and if I can’t use my face, I don’t say it.”

Although Lisa and Meredith haven’t been in a good place for some time, Lisa said her husband, John Barlow, and Meredith’s husband, Seth Marks, aren’t currently at odds.

“John’s super busy right now, and I think Seth’s not in Salt Lake so I just don’t think they’ve been talking a lot, but they left things fine,” she revealed.

As for Meredith’s claims that she’s “disengaging from Lisa Barlow,” which she made during her own WWHL appearance last week, Lisa said her past apologies to her castmate have all been “very sincere.”

“I was very sincere in my apologies. I’ve apologized a bunch of times. She wants an explanation but if I explain, it’s an excuse. So she can stay disengaged,” Lisa stated. “Disengaging is so 2020, though.”

Continuing on about the latest happenings of RHOSLC, Lisa said she “100 percent” believes Heather was purposefully not remembering the rumors about Lisa and doesn’t understand why Heather won’t move past their issues.

“I’ve tried to work things out with Heather and we’re good and then we’re not good and I just think it’s on Heather at this point,” Lisa stated. “I mean, I didn’t say I hate Heather.”

Likewise, Lisa doesn’t understand Angie H.’s issues with her.

“I have no idea. She’s fabricated so much stuff I don’t even know,” Lisa admitted.

Also on Wednesday’s episode of WWHL, Lisa said she believes she’s apologized enough for her hot mic rant against Meredith and feels Angie H. was well-aware of her husband’s fake Instagram account. She then noted that she thinks Jen Shah‘s marriage to Sharrieff “Coach” Shah will weather the storm of her legal drama, and she admitted that she wasn’t sure if Heather and Whitney would be able to repair their friendship.

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