RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Claims Jen Was “Brilliant at” Lying About Innocence, Says She’s “Accountable” to Cast, and Wishes Heather Had More “Loyalty,” Plus Live Viewing

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose Claims Jen Was "Brilliant at" Proclaiming Innocence, Says She's "Accountable" to Cast, and Wishes Heather Had More "Loyalty"

Credit: Bravo

Whitney Rose is admitting that when it came to Jen Shah‘s previous claims of innocence, her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City castmate gave a “brilliant” performance before ultimately pleading guilty to telemarketing fraud during a court appearance in July.

During a recent interview, Whitney reacted to Jen’s change of plea before addressing her ongoing feud with Heather Gay by saying she wished her co-star had more loyalty to her and shading her for “[reaching] the most” on the Bravo reality series.

“It is hard but that’s just what she’s brilliant at. And there was a point where [Jen] had me thinking, ‘Maybe this is a mess. Maybe this is messed up situation where someone flipped on her. Maybe she didn’t know,’” Whitney admitted during a November 10 interview with Us Weekly.

And while Andy Cohen recently said his engagement with Jen came to an end the moment she pled guilty, Whitney would like to have the opportunity to sit down with her castmate and “have her explain.”

“She’s accountable to us. We spent all this time with her lying to us and I wanna hear from her,” Whitney stated. “It’s gonna be unfortunate if we don’t get that chance to sit down and talk through not only her pleading guilty, but all of the things that we went through this last year together.”

As for her relationship with Heather, Whitney acknowledged it’s been “hard to navigate” their relationship, especially now that she’s friends with Lisa Barlow.

“We see when Lisa’s brought up the dynamic changes quite a bit,” Whitney noted.

“I just wish that the loyalty through that was offered to me as well. Because if you remember, Jen came at me really hard season one, and Jen and I have had our moments, but Heather still backed Jen. I just wish I had that same level of understanding and respect,” she continued.

According to Whitney, she told Heather “a lot” about her childhood trauma and feels Heather “should have known to not show up the way she did” in Arizona.

“That’s why I was so upset and hurt,” Whitney explained. “It was never about the rumors or the fight itself, it’s the repercussion of her saying that I made the trip about me and my healing journey was for me to get attention.”

But, as RHOSLC fans may have seen, Heather recently suggested she had no idea why Whitney was upset with her, claiming their feud seemingly came out of thin air.

“I think that’s an easy answer for her to give because she’s not one that wants to be the reason or the cause,” Whitney said in response.

And as for Heather’s suggestion that Whitney reaches the most during filming, Whitney accused her co-star of deflecting.

“I feel like she’s the one that reaches the most. But to sit there and have her say that, that did some damage,” Whitney admitted. “We are not in a good place currently, but I’m hopeful that in the future things can change. We have to be both willing to own where we’ve gone wrong and really understanding each other. I feel like she doesn’t hear me and when I say that, she doesn’t really get why she hurt me or why I would be hurt.”

Also during the interview, Whitney said she doesn’t recognize the latest version of Heather.

“I don’t recognize this. However, I’ve had people, many people tell me that this side existed,” she revealed.

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