RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Shares What Caused “Rift” With Heather Gay, Talks Jen’s Guilty Plea and “Shifts in Alliances,” Plus Live Viewing

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose on What Caused "Rift" With Heather, Their "Forever" Changed Relationship, and Lisa Rumors, Plus Reacts to Jen's Guilty Plea

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Whitney Rose‘s relationship with Heather Gay was forever changed amid filming on the third season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

In an interview ahead of Wednesday night’s premiere, Whitney said there was a physical altercation that occurred during the season that caused a rift between her and her cousin before sharing her thoughts on the Lisa Barlow cheating rumors and reacting to Jen Shah changing her plea.

“That moment changed everything forever,” Whitney admitted of the altercation to E! News on September 27. “It’s hard. That was a hard rift for me to swallow.”

Although Whitney couldn’t confirm who was involved, she hinted that the incident was sparked by Meredith Marks‘ claims of Lisa “doing favors to help get places to pick up [her brand] Vida Tequila.”

“It’s hard because Heather and I have been such good friends and we’re second cousins. There’s a big moment and you see in the trailer, there’s some rumors circulating. Who is the source of them, where do they all come out — the women disagree on that and it does drive wedges between a lot of friendships, especially Heather and I,” Whitney shared.

According to Whitney, the things Meredith said about Lisa were “just rumors.”

“I know what the truth is. It was shocking, but at the same time it was expected because Lisa had her hot mic moment and said all those things about Meredith. So naturally, Meredith is going to come for Lisa,” Whitney noted.

As RHOSLC fans will recall, Lisa suggested Meredith cheated on her husband, doesn’t “own a house,” and added that Seth “changes jobs every five minutes” amid season two.

As for Jen pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection to a years-long telemarketing scheme, Whitney said she “didn’t see it coming.”

“I thought she was going to maintain her innocence and fight ’til the end, because she told us she was innocent and she was going to fight it. That’s what I expected her to do. So when I heard she changed her plea I was pretty shocked,” she said.

Overall, Whitney said “a lot of dynamics change” among the cast during season three. There are “a lot of shifts in alliances and friendships” as well as “a lot of clarity and a lot of truth.”

“For me this season, I kind of find out who my real friends are,” she added.

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