PHOTOS: RHONJ Alum Albie Manzo Marries Chelsea DeMonaco in Italy, See Their Stunning Pics as Mom Caroline Manzo Reacts

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PHOTOS: RHONJ Alum Albie Manzo Marries Chelsea DeMonaco in Italy, See Pics of the Wedding Shared by Mom Caroline and Sister Lauren

Credit: Instagram

Albie Manzo is a married man following a wedding in Italy on Wednesday.

Days after Albie and his friends and family, including dad Albert Manzo, 63, mom Caroline Manzo, 62, brother Chris Manzo, 34, and sister Lauren Manzo, 35, arrived in Europe, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 37, and his new wife, Chelsea DeMonaco, were seen in a series of photos with their guests.

“This happened totally naturally and I didn’t have to tell Markie to watch her for a pic. It was magical to see,” Lauren wrote in an October 25 post to her Instagram Story, which featured Chelsea looking at her wedding dress and her daughter, Markie, 6, looking at her.

RHONJ Lauren Manzo Shares Photo of Albie Manzo Wedding

Greg Bennett, a longtime friend of the family, shared another stunning image of Albie and Chelsea walking down a path with the countryside in the background.

RHONJ Albie Manzo Marries Chelsea DeMonaco

“[And] then there’s this…” Lauren continued with a second photo, which featured Albie and Chelsea smiling at one another on the dance floor.

RHONJ Albie Manzo Marries Fiance Chelesa DeMonaco

Another image, shared by Chris, featured him and his girlfriend, Lia, at the reception, which featured tons of lighting, including strings of lights hanging from the ceiling.

RHONJ Chris Manzo and Girlfriend Lia Attend Albie Manzo Wedding

Meanwhile, on Albie’s Instagram Story, he reshared a photo from a friend, who posted an image of him and Chelsea standing at the altar together with a wall of windows and a stunning chandelier behind them.

“Congratulations!” the woman wrote in the caption.

RHONJ Albie Manzo and Chelsea Monaco Wed in Italy

In another pic shared by Lauren, she and Markie looked at one another in their wedding attire.

“My absolute perfect angel,” Lauren captioned the image.

RHONJ Lauren Manzo and Daughter Markie Attend Albie Manzo Wedding

As they exited their ceremony, Albie and Chelsea smiled as their family members and friends doused them with rose petals.

“Albie Manzo is married !!” Bravo and Cocktails announced on Instagram on October 25.

RHONJ Albie Manzo is Married After Italy Wedding

Mom Caroline also shared a sweet photo and message of Albie and her new daughter-in-law.

“These smiles are absolutely everything!! Congratulations to [Chelsea DeMonaco] and [Albie Manzo] … I love you both very much!!” she gushed.

RHONJ Albie Manzo Marries Chelsea Monaco in Wedding in Italy

As RHONJ fans will recall, Caroline announced Albie and Chelsea’s engagement in April of this year.

“She said YES!!!!” Caroline wrote on Instagram at the time. “Congratulations to [Albie Manzo] and [Chelsea DeMonaco] on their engagement! We love you both to bits and are excited for this new chapter in all of our lives. Wedding bells will be ringing!!!!”

The Manzo family appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for the series’ first five seasons and went on to be featured in their own spinoff, Manzo’d With Children, for three seasons.