Heather Dubrow Reveals Unaired RHOC Scene with Tamra Judge, Claims Shannon Asked Her for Favors, and Shares Text Exchange With Taylor Armstrong After the Reunion

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Heather Dubrow Reveals Unaired Scene with Tamra Judge, Claims Shannon Asked Her for Favors, and Shares Text Taylor Armstrong Sent after RHOC Reunion

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Heather Dubrow revealed an unaired scene with Tamra Judge, claimed Shannon Beador asked her for favors after trashing her on Watch What Happens Live, and revealed a text Taylor Armstrong sent after the reunion.

During the latest season, Heather seemed to be the target of many of her castmates, especially Tamra – who returned to the Real Housewives of Orange County after being ‘on pause.’

Speaking on Nick Viall’s “The Viall Files” podcast, Heather addressed an unaired scene with herself and Tamra, the last part of which was shown at the reunion, according to the actress.

“At the reunion, they show me and Tamra sitting at this place talking to each other because there was a scene where she went crazy on me, but they didn’t show. And it was out of nowhere, which is why they didn’t show it. Didn’t really make any sense,” Heather explained, via Heavy.

She went on to say, “We met and she apologized to me, and we’re going to be good. But then it starts all over again. And that’s what’s very hard to deal with and I don’t know why Tamra is like that.”

Heather suggested she felt different after watching the apology on the show.

“I think it really played back better than I felt it was at the time, because when I watched it back, I was like, ‘Oh that was nice,’” she said.

Though she called Tamra an “a**hole” at the reunion, she claimed this doesn’t “mean [Tamra is] a bad person.”

“[We] have a lot of love and respect for each other,” Heather said, adding that she and her costar have “been talking” since the reunion.

Heather also addressed her complex friendship with Shannon, via Heavy. “Did you see on the reunion when I said, ‘You texted me last week,’” said Heather. “It was because [Shannon] needed something. So she reached out to me twice before [her] DUI [arrest], in the last month to ask for a favor, for two different things.”

She added, “And one of the favors was the night after she trashed me on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ But if she calls me and she says, ‘I need help. Or can you please call me.’ I pick up the phone. That’s what I do with my friends.”

Though she expressed that Shannon “will disagree with this,” Heather feels she “was a very, very good f******* friend to Shannon … I’m the only one who didn’t talk about her relationship on camera. And the notion I was running around to everyone behind cameras is b*****.”

Heather revealed that she and Shannon have barely been in contact since the DUI arrest.

The actress also shared an update regarding her friendship with Taylor, who allegedly sent her a “perfectly nice” apology text after the reunion.

“She goes, ‘Hi Heather, I apologize for my part in the conflict we had in our relationship. I’ve always really liked you and I would really like for us to start fresh. Hope all is great with you and your family,’” Heather revealed, via Heavy.

According to Heather, Taylor also sent a “picture of [Dubrow]” two days after the first text, without giving any context.

“No words, just a photo,” stated Heather, who said she doesn’t “like apologies of convenience.” Though she “appreciate[s] [Taylor] reached out,” she thinks “the timing is odd.”

“Why are you texting me now?” asked Heather. “Are you worried about your position on the show? You know, why?”

Heather then claimed that Tamra and Shannon declined her invitation to a holiday dinner after season 17 concluded filming in November of 2022, though the rest of the cast attended – including Taylor.

The star said Taylor “sat next to” her, but “a couple of nights later” Taylor attended “another holiday dinner” with Tamra and Shannon.

“Everyone [on RHOC] was invited, except me,” said Heather. “Taylor posted a photo and wrote, ‘Holiday dinner, #dreamteam.’”

Additionally, the star wasn’t happy to hear Taylor talking negatively about Heather’s acting career in both interviews and on the show. She then suggested that Taylor was not being genuine when she asked her to act in her upcoming film, “Masterpiece.”

“I had told her a million times, I’ll audition. I’ve made a casting tape,” stated Heather. “I said, ‘Yes,’ every single time. but it was a b***** thing, and she was just making a story out of it.”