Tamra Judge Addresses Lashing Out at Andy Cohen at RHOC Reunion, Where They Stand Now, and Shannon’s “Toxic” Relationship With John, Plus Biggest Regret and Heather Update

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Tamra Judge Addresses Lashing Out at Andy Cohen at RHOC Reunion, Where They Stand Now, and Shannon's "Toxic" Relationship With John, Plus Biggest Regret and Heather Update

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Tamra Judge addressed her antics against Andy Cohen during the latest episode of her shared podcast with Teddi Mellencamp.

While also slamming Shannon Beador‘s relationship with John Janssen as “toxic,” looking back on her biggest regret of season 17, and sharing her thoughts on season 18, the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 56, revealed if she’s worried she’ll get fired and offered an update on where she stands with Heather Dubrow, 54.

We’ve always had a really good friendship,” Tamra noted of herself and Heather on the October 13 episode of Two Ts in a Pod.  “I think coming back not knowing where my place was, knowing that those things were said on the podcast, and then hearing from other cast members what was said about me from her, it really spun my head … [But] now I don’t think we’ll ever go back to that.”

Following a drama-filled season between them, Tamra said she and Heather are scheduled for a lunch date next week in Los Angeles.

“I’m going to L.A., hopefully seeing one of the two houses that she bought in L.A., hopefully both of them, and taking it back to where it was,” she shared.

Although Tamra said she doesn’t hate any of her castmates, despite the drama they’ve faced, she admitted she’s in the worst place with Jennifer Pedranti, 46.

“Jen probably. But I think Jen knows I’m right,” she suspected. “Her and Ryan both have been going after me in the press. And as much as I don’t like it, and it’s coming out of left field, I don’t understand it, it’s not the best look for her.”

After stating that Jennifer’s boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, thinks he’s “a full-blown cast member” on RHOC, Tamra said she believes Jennifer will highlight her relationship again next year.

“I think she’s going wanna come back this season continuing all this stuff about Ryan and I’m telling you right now, I’m not going there. I said what I need to say. I’m done with it,” Tamra declared.

Moving on to her biggest regret of season 17, Tamra signaled to the drama surrounding Jennifer and her romance.

“Probably how detailed the Jenn stuff got and how it got repetitive,” she shared. “I should have just said my peace, said whatever and just let it go. I think throwing the napkin in her face was probably not the best thing. When she said to me I had the hots for her boyfriend, I’m like, ‘No sweetie I have a pretty hot husband.'”

Regarding the relationship between Shannon, 59, and John, who split last November but continue to spend time with one another, Tamra admitted it seems unhealthy.

“It seems like they have a very toxic relationship and you throw alcohol and you throw TV cameras in front of it and it’s not gonna end well,” she reasoned.

Tamra then said that Shannon, who got a DUI last month, is “triggered” when her drinking is mentioned on RHOC.

“When it comes to the show, if anything is said to Shannon about drinking, it’s very much a trigger to her to dislike somebody,” she explained.

As for her reunion spat with Andy, Tamra explained what prompted her to lash out against him.

“He had asked a question that was current and then he goes and says, ‘Well in 2022, you had said things about them.’ I’m like, ‘Really? Let me answer the question.’ It’s like me saying, ‘But Teddi, in 2022 you said something bad about me.’ I’m like, ‘Why are you trying to change this scenario?'” she wondered.

While Tamra has faced backlash for her behavior, she insisted that all is well between them.

“I have that kind of relationship with Andy that I can go back and forth with him. Afterwards, he didn’t say a word. Then we were at Watch What Happens Live and Eddie’s like, ‘I heard my wife went after you.’ He goes, ‘That’s nothing.’ We laughed about it,” she revealed. “There’s people out there going, ‘Oh, she’s gonna lose her job now. She went up against Andy.’ No. He just texted me yesterday.”

According to Tamra, she felt a certain way about her castmates going into season 17 due to what was said about her when she was not there — and thought Andy should have been empathetic towards that.

“I had made a point that when I was off the show it was okay for [RHOC], they talked about me in every single episode the year I was gone. Every single episode. And it was the girls saying things like, ‘She’s Satan.’ ‘She’s this.’ And all these things. So do you think, knowing me, I’m just gonna sit back and just go, ‘Oh okay, I’m not gonna say a word about that?’ So yeah I did say things. I absolutely said things. And I told Andy, I go, ‘Is that okay?’ He’s like, ‘I get your point now,'” she shared.

Tamra also admitted that when it comes to filming reunions, emotions are high.

“You say things at the reunion. Like, my comment back to Jenn was defensive where I say, ‘You’re a piece of sh*t,’ or something like that, or, ‘You’re a horrible person,’ and I go, ‘Cheater!’ Because I knew that that bugged her even though I don’t give a sh*t about her cheating on her husband,” she explained. “Sometimes you come back with things because you’re just pissed off because two seconds before that, I said, ‘I think you’re a wonderful person.'”

No word yet on when The Real Housewives of Orange County season 18 will go into production.