Robyn Dixon is Booed at BravoCon for Not Addressing Juan Cheating Rumors on RHOP Last Season, Plus Gizelle Told Andy Cohen to Cut Juan Joke From The Bravos Awards

by Alexander Gates Comments

Robyn Dixon Booed as She Defends Not Addressing Juan Cheating Rumors on RHOP Season 7, Plus Gizelle Bryant Told Andy Cohen to Cut Juan Joke From Bravos

Robyn Dixon was booed at BravoCon 2023 while attempting to explain why she neglected to address Juan Dixon’s cheating allegations last year during the last season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

It was during a BravoCon 2023 panel when Robyn, 44, said, “Yes, we talk about the issues that are taking place, during that season, at that time,” adding, “I have no problem addressing what is going on in my life.” 

Then, as Robyn appeared to scoot forward in her seat, she said, “Now, when you say, ‘Why didn’t I address it before,’ well see, that was not something that was going on in my life at that time – it was not relevant to my life.” At this point, booing began to erupt in the audience.  

Of course, Robyn struggled to defend herself as she explained that it was an issue that had occurred five months prior, and it was an issue that was “no longer relevant” to her and Juan’s relationship. “My husband is not going to be thrown under the bus for an issue that is no longer relevant.” 

Speaking to the BravoCon 2023 panel, the reality TV veteran tried to explain some of the difficulties she and Juan, 45, face with their relationship out there on TV for everyone to see.  

“It’s been hard because I understand why we do the things that we do,” Robyn said at the Real Housewives of Potomac panel BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas on Sunday. “Juan and I started dating when were 17. We’re not only best friends, [our] lives were very intertwined.” 

The actress described her relationship with the basketball coach as “very different from what is captured” on camera. “It’s been hard for people not understanding the depth of our relationship,” she intimated. “The show brought us together because of all the scrutiny. So, we were forced to really have each other’s back.” 

During The Bravos Awards show on November 5, there was a joke made about Bravo paying for hotel rooms so that Juan didn’t have to, which referenced Juan’s alleged cheating incident. Notably, Gizelle Bryant, 53, told Us Weekly at BravoCon on Saturday that she had told Andy Cohen to cut the Juan joke. 

“Full disclosure: I saw him first before he saw [Robyn Dixon], and he asked me, should he do the joke, or should he cut it? And I said, ‘Cut it.’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, definitely, brilliant. Cut it! We’re gonna cut it.’” But after speaking to Robyn before the show, Robyn told Andy, “Put it in.”   

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