PHOTO: Did RHOP’s Juan Dixon Get “Cozy” With Woman at Laundromat? Robyn Reacts Amid Affair Drama and Mystery Girl Denies Claims as Video is Leaked

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PHOTO: RHOP's Juan Dixon Spotted "Hugging" Mystery Woman at Laundromat After Affair Drama as Robyn Talks "Maturing," Not Giving "AF"

Juan Dixon is once again in the hot seat.

Just weeks after Robyn Dixon confirmed on her podcast that her husband, who she recently wed for a second time, had engaged in inappropriate contact with a woman who later accused him of an affair, the Real Housewives of Potomac cast member was allegedly seen “hugging” another woman at a laundromat.

“This was last Monday when CSU played NSU in [Virgina],” a tipster wrote on the All Things Bravo Reality fan page on Facebook. “They were at the laundromat at the corner of my street when I was there. He don’t gaf … and no they weren’t washing CSU related clothes … When I tell you guys they were hugged up at the washing machine and loading their stuff into the dryer arms around each other’s waist that’s what happened allegedly.”

“I did not get a picture of them hugging because I was standing right next to them at the washer and dryer. As someone said my junior detective skills aren’t that good yet to sneak a pic next to someone,” the insider added.

RHOP Juan Dixon and Mystery Woman at Laundromat After Alleged Affair

And while Robyn has not yet addressed the incident directly, she did share a telling message with her fans and followers on her Instagram Story shortly after the photo of Juan and the mystery woman was posted.

“Maturing is letting people think whatever they wanna think cause who gives af,” her message read.

RHOP Robyn Dixon Seemingly Reacts to Pic of Juan With Mystery Woman

As for the mystery woman, BreAnna Gross, who works as the Director of Basketball Operations at Coppin State University, she addressed the rumors directly, doing her best to shut them down with an Instagram Story post of her own.

“Get a LIFE,” her message stated as she shared a photo of herself with Juan as they held up laundry detergent, seemingly confirming there was no funny business.

In the past, Robyn had mentioned that Juan, a college basketball coach, is sometimes responsible for doing the laundry for his team.

RHOP Juan Dixon Mystery Man Speaks Out After Cheating Rumors

As BreAnna denied the allegations against her and Juan, a video of their interaction at the laundromat, shared by Georgio Takounakis on Instagram, seemingly backed her story, showing that all they appeared to be doing was the laundry.

On the January 30 episode of Reasonably Shady, Robyn addressed rumors claiming Juan had an affair amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“This was not his girlfriend. He did not date this woman. He communicated with her on Instagram and somehow it ended up being on text,” Robyn explained on the paid podcast, suggesting that while Juan did pay for the woman’s hotel room, he only did so because “he felt bad for her” and never went to the actual room.

She then suggested Juan’s supposed mistress accused him of an affair because she was “mad” and “bitter that he didn’t want her.”

Unsurprisingly, Robyn’s explanation of the RHOP drama fell flat, with many accusing her of being naive (Ashley Darby calling the story “fishy”) and others slamming her for making messy comments about the relationships of others on the show — all while hiding the dirty details of her own.

“You withhold the truth on the reality show that you’re on but then you [sold] it behind a paywall,” Andy Cohen told her on the February 5 episode of Watch What Happens Live.

“How do you stay silent through the season?” he wondered. “The expectation is that you’re sharing everything that’s going on in your life.”

Meanwhile, Candiace Dillard-Bassett told Variety she was “really disappointed and hurt.”

“We’re on a show about sharing our lives. Robyn is someone that I thought was honest and open about her life, as she expected and demanded of each of us to be honest about our lives. It’s hurtful that she chose not to, and watched my husband be dragged for lies when she had a true story to tell,” she stated.

The Real Housewives of Potomac season seven reunion continues Sunday, March 5, with part three at 8/7c on Bravo.