RHOP Recap: Robyn Confronts Juan Over Laundromat Pic and Talks Intervention, Ashley Leaks Candiace’s Text Message, & Karen Reveals Health Scare and Makes Amends With Mia, Plus Nneka Comes in Hot and Stirs the Pot With Wendy Rumors

by Julia Comments

RHOP Recap: Robyn's Intervention Did Little to Affect Her Marriage with Juan; Karen Starts Fresh with Mia, Plus, Nneka Enters the Scene and Wendy Is Not Happy with What She Hears

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley throws a housewarming party, and Karen and Mia decide to start fresh after last season’s issues. Robyn continues to act indifferent toward Juan‘s cheating allegations, and a new Housewife, Nneka, gets thrown into the mix. But Nneka doesn’t enter quietly, and it seems like she will have some issues with Wendy, considering all the things she said about her to Ashley…

The main event of this episode is Ashley’s housewarming party at her beachy new pad. To prepare for the party, she meets with her mom at a garden center. They talk about the guest list, and Ashley shares that she will be inviting her new friend, Nneka. Nneka is new to town, and Ashley is looking forward to introducing her to the group, even though Nneka kind of already knows Wendy.

Ashley lets her mom know that Michael, her almost-ex-husband, did not get an invite to the event, and she goes on to share that despite how weird it might have looked going to the Bahamas with him and their children, nothing sexual happened between them. Ashley’s mom wants to know details about the lawsuit Candiace brought upon Michael over the sex claim, but Ashley does a good job of separating herself from that mess. Another person who won’t be in attendance at Ashley’s party? Candiace.

Mia meets with Karen, and they start with an “acquaintance shake” after their rocky season last year. Karen is not as mad about the infidelity rumors circulating (since they have always been around), but she’s more upset that Mia was involved in pushing them. Karen feels like Mia has had a “come to Jesus moment” and that Mia realizes that her embellishment of the truth is what got her in the most trouble with Karen.

Karen switches gears and asks Mia about her relationship with Gordon after the legal woes. Mia claims she was going through a lot last year. and now that she doesn’t drink (anything but wine). she won’t have outbursts like she did in Miami. Karen feels like the group has to have conversations to help work out issues, but until Karen feels like Mia deserves her friendship again, the handshakes will continue, despite the ladies ending on a more positive note after the conversation.

Candiace gets a visit from her manager, and they begin planning out her next tour. She is hoping to get onto a new label to help move her career forward, and as the second leg of her tour comes near, her manager suggests Drew come out. Candiace reminds her manager that she sold out Chicago and feels like she doesn’t need Drew, or anyone else, to be a part of her show… but what’s going on with Drew? Why is Candiace hinting at issues with Drew??

To sum up Juan’s feelings about Robyn’s intervention and the optics of the recent photos in three words: “I don’t care.” And therein lies the problem. As Robyn updates Juan on the things Gizelle, Ashley, and Charrisse confronted her about, Juan asks, “What am I? Not going to live my life?” Robyn’s indifference is unbelievable as she claims she doesn’t care what the group thinks about her marriage. Now that Juan has been fired over a sexual assault claim and is mixed up in a lawsuit, he seems more removed from their relationship.

Nneka has arrived in Potomac. She tours her new house and views the progress. Nneka explains that her husband is a medical doctor by day and a nightclub owner by night, and they plan to have kids despite the struggles they are having.

Wendy is looking for studio space now that she is starting her own talk show. Yup. You read that correctly — a talk show. Don’t judge, though — she is going to talk about serious issues because she is a “multi-hyphenate.” Her goal is that a major network will hear about this show, and it will take off. Wendy is banking on her producer to help guide the show to stardom, but with some of the names she is throwing out (Wine with Dr. Wendy), she had better hold her breath on becoming the next Oprah.

Karen has gathered the ladies for a Pilates session. Now that Karen is approaching her triple 20 (that would be 60th birthday for those who can’t do quick math), she is being more vigilant about her health and becoming more aware that the 5% of calcium in her carotid artery can be helped with exercise and diet. I am LOLing at Karen and Mia’s “friendly handshake” hello, and after these ladies (and their girls — hello Diamond and Demi, Ashley’s new implants) work out, they learn that Karen talked with Mia about sticking to facts and only discussing real stuff.

Gizelle takes the floor and wonders if Karen is going to apologize to Robyn about the rumors she was spreading. Karen believes that Robyn owes her an apology, and she probably owes one to Robyn. Karen realizes that she may need Gizelle’s help to facilitate this conversation with Robyn…

Ashley dodges questions about Michael and Candiace’s lawsuit and lets the ladies know that Candiace is not invited to her housewarming. BUT, a new friend named Nneka will be there.

Ashley’s housewarming party is kicking off, and Gizelle is the first to arrive. They begin discussing how important it is to get along with your ex for your kids’ sake. Mia enters and calls Ashley’s place “cute,” and when Charrisse walks in twinning with Karen (unplanned), you can see Karen internally losing it.

Wendy enters right when Ashley is giving her house tour, and she completely bypasses certain people. In the words of Wendy: “I have greeted those who I want to greet.” When Wendy sees Deborah enter, she refers to her as “the liar,” a nod to last season.

Robyn rolls up to prove she is not hiding from the group and wishes that they would all just say something to her face if they have something to say about Juan. Nneka is the last guest to arrive, and she gets introduced to the group. Wendy explains that she has seen Nneka in passing before.

As the women chit-chat with Nneka, Wendy and Ashley sneak off. Wendy congratulates Ashley for her new place, but the light banter turns quickly. Wendy lets Ashley know that she has some questions about stuff that transpired with Deborah. Deborah insinuated that Eddie, Wendy’s husband, was being flirtatious, and Wendy wants to be sure Ashley is on her side and won’t stab her in the back. Ashley makes it clear that she is trustworthy and thinks that Wendy is guarded because she doesn’t know her that well.

Ashley wonders if Wendy would rather not know the stuff that people were saying about her husband, and as if to get the target off her, Ashley stirs the pot. She lets Wendy know that Nneka questioned what type of doctor she is, and Wendy makes it clear that despite the rumaaaaaz out there (where are my RHOSLC fans?!), she is not Osu, an outcast, in Nigerian culture. It seems like Ashley is just ratting Nneka out for talking crap about Wendy, and Ashley blames this on the tequila. Nneka — the new kid to the group — questioning Wendy leaves a bad taste in her mouth, and Wendy explains that she expects more from a fellow Nigerian…