Alexia Nepola Reveals Luis Ruelas’ Shocking Ties to RHOM and Admits He Watched Show, Slams Melissa Gorga for Spreading Rumor, Talks Second Chance Run-in, and Says Cast Lied at BravoCon, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Alexia Echevarria Reveals Luis Ruelas' Shocking Ties to RHOM and Admits He Watched Show, Slams Melissa Gorga for Spreading Rumor, Talks Second Chance Run-in, and Says Cast Lied at BravoCon, Plus Live Viewing Thread

Alexia Nepola is explaining Luis Ruelas‘ shocking personal ties to The Real Housewives of Miami and calling out Melissa Gorga for suggesting Luis tried to date her before marrying Teresa Giudice.

As she looked back on her and Luis’ two chance run-ins in other countries on her podcast with Marysol Patton, Alexia, 56, also spoke of her odd experience with her castmates at BravoCon and reflected on her and Marysol’s ongoing tension with Dr. Nicole Martin, 38.

First, Alexia spoke on her Real Housewives of New Jersey drama, as she shed new light on why Luis, 48, was such a fan of RHOM before their run-ins in Europe.

“So Luis actually watched Miami, besides that he liked our franchise and he liked the show, his sister was dating Frederic Marq before Frederic married [Adriana De Moura]. Luis’ sister was Frederic’s girlfriend for three years before Adriana.”

After then explaining to Marysol that it’s hard to say whether this was before or after their “fake” wedding on the show since “everything’s a lie” about Adriana, 57, Alexia said Luis tuned into the show to see Fredric and Adriana together.

“He was watching the show to see Frederic and his new relationship with Adriana and just watching the show in general. And so of course he recognized me,” she reasoned.

As fans may have heard, Alexia first ran into Luis in Barcelona.

”We were both staying at the same hotel, the W Hotel, in Barcelona, and we were walking towards the hotel and he noticed me so he was very nice, he was very friendly. This was 2017 [or] 2018,” she revealed. “I was just dating [now-husband Todd Nepola]  … So many years ago and the fact that we’re still talking about it today is stupid.”

“He wasn’t trying to pick me up. And I was with Todd,” she added.

But that wasn’t their only encounter.

“Todd said we were in another country or another airport and we saw each other again, with Todd, and we said ‘Hello,’” she revealed.

According to Alexia, she wasn’t surprised to see Luis a second time because “everybody goes to Mykonos, and Barcelona, Paris, Istanbul, [and] St Tropez.”

“Those are the places we go to. So it’s not unusual to see each other again, But again, I was with Todd and at that point, I don’t even think there was a conversation,” she continued. “It was just like, ‘Hi, bye, good to see you.’ And that’s it.”

Alexia doesn’t understand what their run-ins have to do with him meeting Teresa, 51, especially considering Luis lives in New Jersey.

“I totally believe that he could fall in love with Teresa. She’s amazing, she’s beautiful, she’s a great mom, she’s a great wife, she’s a good friend, she has so many good qualities, and on top of that, she’s famous!” Alexia proclaimed.

Continuing on, Alexia shaded Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa, 44, for keeping the false report going.

“It’s so stupid and dumb at this point already. It’s something that apparently Melissa Gorga started that rumor about Luis trying to date me before Teresa,” she explained. “She wants to keep on talking about it to make it a thing but there’s no thing. Teresa, Luis, Todd, and I are very good friends.”

Alexia also pointed out that Luis has “already proven his love” to Teresa.

“But the rest of the girls on the show keep on [going] after him and it’s really not fair. They keep on talking about it. They‘re like, fascinated with it,” she complained.

Meanwhile, Marysol added, “A lot of people want to see the worst in Luis. They’re not giving him the benefit of the doubt so they’re looking for anything to jump on.”

Alexia also spoke of Marysol’s drama with RHOM co-star Nicole.

“I don’t think that she’s forgiven you. I think she holds onto her grudges,” Alexia told Marysol, 56, of Nicole on the November 14 episode of Ay Por Favor With Alexia and Marysol. “We saw that in her story that she’s had a really difficult time to forgive her father and her father is her father.”

According to Marysol, she’s made attempts to reconcile with Nicole, but to no avail.

“It’s kind of like, it’s weird. It’s awkward,” she admitted. “I’m always like ‘Hey, how are you?’ And it’s just this very apprehensive fake response that feels very not authentic. It’s hard to talk with her, It’s like a weird vibe.”

As for their thoughts on the RHOM cast’s behavior at BravoCon, Alexia and Marysol agreed something was off.

“Everybody was being too kumbaya. It was a love fest. It was an apology tour,” Alexia recalled. “I was like, ‘What’s wrong with you women? Why are you all lying? I know you don’t all feel this way.’ But Alexia wasn’t gonna start it. I was like, ‘You’re are all lying because I really know how you feel about each other and you are playing it safe.’ What do you think happened? Do you think everybody was just scared?”

“I don’t know,” Marysol replied. “It was really odd. The tone took a really weird direction.”

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