RHOM Star Alexia Nepola Denies Rumors of Money Troubles as She Reveals Real Reason for Move, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOM Star Alexia Echevarria Denies Rumors of Money Troubles as She Reveals Real Reason for Move

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RHOM star Alexia Nepola is correcting rumors about the state of her and her husband Todd Nepola’s financial situation.  

Speaking out in a recent interview, the Real Housewives of Miami star shot down rumors that she and husband Todd are in dire financial straits. The 56-year-old made it clear that the pair are “doing just fine” even after they quickly moved out of their 10,000-square-foot apartment while shooting the show.  

Of course, the RHOM season six trailer made it seem that they were moving because they were broke. In the clip, Alexia’s co-star Adriana de Moura fueled the rumor that Todd and Alexia were having “financial issues.” 

That bit aired right before a scene where the RHOM star explained to her adult sons, Peter, 31, and Frankie, 26, that they had to “be out” of their apartment “in 15 days.” It’s not hard to see how the rumor took hold.  

 But nothing could be further from the truth. According to Alexia, her fellow Housewife “made up the rumor” to, as she implied, “get back at me.” She went on to say that Adriana couldn’t get over the fact that, in season five, Alexia “genuinely, and with good intentions” told her the guy she was talking to “could be married.” Of course, at the time Alexia was simply spreading a rumor started by Marysol Patton and others. 

Fans may recall the moment in season five of RHOM when Alexia leveled accusations at Adriana’s boyfriend of being married while dating Adriana. At the time, she claimed that she had seen the proof. Unfortunately, she fully read the proof she believed she had at co-star Nicole Martin and her fiancé Anthony Lopez‘s engagement party. But then, Adriana’s boyfriend refuted the so-called “proof” with his final divorce decree. He gave it to Alexia and asked if she could “read.”

Now, Alexia tells PEOPLE that she’s certain this is what Adriana is doing in season six. “She’s trying to show me a lesson,” by starting her own rumor about her and her husband. She explained that some women “are going to go after you forever.” 

 She said that they began with the rumor that she and Todd were having problems with their marriage when Todd failed to show up at a party. And when that rumor did not bear fruit, Alexia said, she made up this new rumor of their financial woes.

Alexia also set the record straight, explaining that their move had nothing to do with financial problems and everything to do with a simple real estate deal. She said they had sold her unit, and unfortunately, she had been given a short amount of time to move out.  

“They sold our unit, unfortunately, so we had 30 days — less than 30 days, actually — to find another place and move out,” Alexia shared. “That’s the thing that sucks about being a renter, it’s out of your hands sometimes.”

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