RHOBH Recap: Sutton Probes Kyle Over Mauricio’s Cheating Rumors, Garcelle Throws a Star-Studded Movie Screening Party & Makes Amends With Dorit as Denise & Larsa Make Cameo, Plus Jax Clears the Air With Erika

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Recap: Sutton Probes Kyle Over Mauricio’s Cheating Rumors, Garcelle Throws a Star-Studded Movie Screening Party & Makes Amends With Dorit as Denise & Larsa Make Cameo, Plus Jax Clears the Air With Erika

This episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should be renamed “Chaos.”  In one corner, we have Sutton hinting at rumors about Kyle‘s marriage.  In another corner, we have Garcelle‘s movie premiere and her son, Jax, confronting Erika regarding last year’s drama.  And finally, we have the resurrection of Denise Richards gracing our screens.  All I have to say is, bravo, bravo, bravo.

Kyle and Sutton are still going at it.  Kyle reminds Sutton that she has a habit of losing her “sh*t in ridiculous circumstances” and “NAY-MUM” has become a household saying (thanks to the internet) because of Sutton. Kyle rattles off every situation where Sutton does not seem okay and Sutton turns it on Kyle, calling her *unhinged.*

Sutton wonders aloud what is going on in Kyle’s life, clearly hinting at recent rumors about Kyle’s marriage. Kyle tells Sutton to “bring it on,” since she is happy to answer any questions. Kyle believes that Sutton is out of her mind and so she leaves her home abruptly.

Erika’s mother is coming for her yearly visit. Erika is 52 and her mom is 70, which makes their relationship interesting… Erika laments that in this new home, she will have to share the bed with her mom, and this might be the only time you’ll hear Erika say she misses her old place.

Garcelle explains that her son, Jaid, doesn’t challenge her as much as Jax does. Garcelle says that she wants her sons to express themselves to her because she could never do that with her parents, but since Jax recently hurt her feelings, she is having a rough go. In other news, Garcelle has produced a movie, Black Girl Missing, and the premiere party is approaching. Jaid asks his mom which of the ladies he should avoid and which ladies his mother is on good terms with, which is a valid question considering the cast of characters invited to the event.

Crystal‘s husband, Rob, has just returned back from a trip to China.  The couple discusses Crystal’s brother, Jeff, and the situation he is in. This trip to China was hard on Jeff because he saw his ex-fiancé for the first time since they split.  Three years ago, Jeff was engaged to his fiancé and living in China. When the pandemic hit, Crystal and her mother forced Jeff to return to the States, but his fiancé could not come.  Crystal feels a lot of guilt and regret in this situation, especially when she FaceTimes Jeff and sees that he has been crying.

Jennifer Tilly is back on our screens, and she is accompanying Sutton to her horse meet and greet.  You see, “One day I was with my manicure lady, and she has a horse, and I was like, I want a horse, too.”  And so, $47,000 later, Sutton gained Santos, her new horse. Sutton reminds us that she is southern and having a horse fits her background.  Duh.

Sutton meets her horse for the first time on national television and deems it the best first date she has had in years. After feeding Santos a carrot, the ladies sit down for a picnic. Sutton confides in Jennifer about her recent run-in with Kyle and shares how Kyle was angry at her. Sutton believes that things aren’t adding up with Kyle: she is over-exercising, her eating is different, and she is not wearing her wedding band.  Jennifer muses that perhaps Kyle is working on self-improvement, triggered by her trying to regain control of her life.

Erika and her twin, I mean, mother, are beginning to pick at each other now that they have spent more than 24 hours together.  Erika claims that her mother “ambushed” her when she came to see her Broadway show in NY and further explains that things were so bad with Tom at that time, and she was trying to keep it together.  At the end of the segment with her mom, Erika huffs, “Thank God this is almost over.”

It’s the night of Garcelle’s movie premiere and Kyle is getting judged HARD by Dorit for not having glam.  Kyle goes on to talk to Dorit about her strange visit with Sutton while Sutton simultaneously talks with Garcelle about the meet-up. Seeing Kyle’s point of view vs. Sutton’s point of view of the situation is fascinating. Sutton’s impersonation of Erika was actually spot on and Dorit calling Sutton’s behavior threatening is laughable.

Dorit is actually riding with Sutton to Garcelle’s event and you know it’s bad when Dorit complains about someone being late… if she only knew Sutton was in her house taking professional pictures.  It’s called karma, Dorit.

Garcelle enters the premiere, rolling deep with about six 15-year-olds. Kyle, as “an actor and producer myself,” appreciates how hard it is to get out into Hollywood. On the way there, Dorit finds out there will be nearly 100 people in attendance and instead of being thrilled for Garcelle, Dorit feels triggered by the crowd and laments that she is not mentally and emotionally prepared for this because of her PTSD.

Jax confides in Crystal that he’s nervous to see Erika considering Erika told him to “get the f*ck out of there” last year. When Jax decides that he will go say hi to Erika, Crytal serves as “the backup.” A bit messy, but I am here for it.  Erika apologizes to him, and they clear the air.  Erika calls Jax a “class act,” something that Erika will never be…considering Erika is the adult and SHE should have been the one to apologize to Jax.

Garcelle talks about the subject of her movie and the importance of it- she is looking for the same passion and compassion for when black and brown girls go missing. While the audience is rapt watching the film, a familiar face rolls up and that would be… Denise Richards. Garcelle receives a standing ovation and at the end, Denise surprises Dorit and Crystal. Dorit is rocked by this, considering she hasn’t seen Denise in years, maybe after she walked off the reunion?

Sutton meanders over to Kyle and attempts to clear the air with her. Sutton claims she was being very calm, but Kyle disagrees.  She believes that Sutton was “off,” which is not something a friend would normally say. Sutton is having a hard time getting through to Kyle (perhaps Kyle should take her hat off, as Sutton suggests -and thank you, Sutton, for saying what we were all thinking).  She feels like there seems to be a lack of respect from Kyle, as if Sutton is her younger sister, to which Kyle retorts, younger sister- “Don’t flatter, yourself, sorry.” Sutton wonders if Kyle is mad at her about Kathy, considering Sutton is friends with Kathy, whereas Kyle is not friends with her own sister.

Dorit congratulates Garcelle for all her hard work and then Garcelle gets real with her. Garcelle wonders why Dorit did not reprimand Erika in the moment last year when Erika spoke so horribly to her son and Dorit wonders why their relationship always seems like it moves one step forward and then backward. Garcelle lets Dorit know she doesn’t appreciate her thinking Garcelle should be over what occurred a year ago with her son and Erika because she would never tell Dorit that she should be over being robbed over a year ago. BOOM.

In the meantime, Kyle claims that Sutton is not a friend when she tries to bring up the rumors about her marriage. Sutton lets Kyle know that she seems “different.”  It feels like Sutton is agitated that Kyle is not opening up to her about what is going on in her life, considering they are supposed to be friends. Sutton believes that Kyle should share, but it seems like Kyle is keeping quiet…for now.