RHOP Recap: Nneka Calls Wendy’s Mom a Witch & Accuses Her of Submitting Her Name to Shrine, as Wendy Reconciles With Mia, Plus Gizelle Says Juan Yelled at Her Over Cheating Rumors

by Julia Comments

RHOP Recap: Nneka Calls Wendy’s Mom a Witch & Accuses Her of Submitting Her Name to Shrine, as Wendy Reconciles With Mia, Plus Gizelle Says Juan Yelled at Her Over Cheating Rumors

Karen‘s attempt at trying to get the group together for some good, clean fun backfires on this episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac. For once, the attention is not on Robyn‘s marriage, but rather it’s on Wendy and Nneka. The recent rumors about shrines and voodoo against Nneka surrounding Wendy’s mom is a hot-button issue, but some deflection makes it nearly impossible to get to the truth…

A glimpse into Nneka’s life shows us that her husband, Iyke, does travel medicine, and so the window she can try for a baby is smaller than most people’s. During his short stint at home, they will be attending Karen’s pickleball event with the group, which may be slightly awkward for some parties involved, considering the issues among the ladies. In the words of Karen, “We all need healing.”

Nneka couldn’t agree more. She reminds us about the issues she is having with Wendy. Nneka explains the call about the shrine and other messiness surrounding Wendy’s mother, and Nneka ponders if Wendy and her mom are trying to prevent Nneka from joining the group.

In another odd twist, it turns out that Iyke’s old “college pal,” Eddie, is Wendy’s husband. He will also be attending Karen’s pickleball event. The recent problem is that Wendy’s husband unfollowed Eddie on Facebook, and it leaves Nneka wondering who really wears the pants in that relationship.

Robyn meets up with Gizelle for some drinks and some mom talk. They discuss the pickleball game, and Robyn explains that despite the ups and downs, Juan will be attending Karen’s event. Gizelle claims that Juan “came” for her with a loud voice when questions were asked about the rumors swirling regarding Juan’s infidelity. Of course, Robyn makes excuses for Juan about the volume of his voice –he wasn’t really yelling — and Robyn realizes that Gizelle and Juan do not have to see eye to eye.

Robyn then spills some tea about Nneka and Wendy, even though she knows she really shouldn’t. Gizelle is aghast to hear that shrines are apparently involved, and she can’t wrap her mind around Wendy being p*ssed that Nneka has told people that she knows/has met Wendy. It’s confusing because the women came from the same tribe. When Gizelle learns that Wendy’s mom allegedly has a shrine and has prayed against people, she wants NOTHING to do with the situation.

Candiace’s mother is finally coming to terms with the fact that Candiace is a touring musician. They discuss the cost of touring, and her mom throws a jab at Chris and wonders if he is making money. Chris left the restaurant world to make Candiace happy, but now that Candiace is out touring, it seems like a double standard, which Candiace realizes.

When Karen’s event becomes the topic of conversation, Candiace explains that she doesn’t know how she feels about seeing Robyn, especially after the way she spoke about Chris. Candiace knows it will be awkward with Robyn there, but it is what it is.

It’s pickleball time. Karen and her husband, both decked in green, are setting up a day full of nothing but fun. Right. Karen calls out Gizelle for keeping Jason hidden away, and Mia rolls up with her husband, ready to learn the game. Gizelle is still not talking to Candiace because “nothing good would ever come from speaking to” her, and Candiace states “f*ck that b*tch forever” in her confessional… so we are off to a GREAT start.

Wendy and Mia are on a team, courtesy of Karen, and Karen promises that the best way to foster healthy relationships is to play together. Nneka joins Mia and Wendy, which equals awkwardness, but not as awkward as when Robyn and Juan enter. No one can believe that Juan would show his face, but Mia points out what else would Juan do, considering he doesn’t have a job…

Candiace can’t recall why Robyn is beefing with her, but the reality is that Candiace has trashed her relationship for years. There are fires everywhere amongst this group. While the ladies play four-on-three, a made-up version of pickleball, the dudes warm up to the idea of their own game.

Once tuckered out, they all sit down for some post-game snacks. Karen makes a speech about Robyn showing up, which causes Juan to jump up because things got awkward. And then things really spiral. Ashley explains that she delivered the message wrong to Nneka, and Nneka and Wendy both begin to pick at each other.

Wendy claims she doesn’t know Nneka. Nneka attempts to debunk Wendy and reminds her that her mother submitted Nneka’s name to a shrine. Wendy acts surprised by this information, and even Juan comes back to get in on this tea. Nneka tries to clear things up, but when she calls Wendy a “b*tch,” Wendy goes off the rails. Wendy repeats that she doesn’t know Nneka, and Nneka promises that Wendy knows her enough to threaten her. Wendy believes that Nneka came to deliberately attack her, but she feels as though Nneka’s efforts are a “flop.”

Wendy explains that Ashley and Nneka had a conversation about Osu, and the thing about the shrine speaks to the Osu article. Ashley feels like this wasn’t necessary to bring up, considering she already cleared up the confusion, but alas, here we are. Nneka states that Wendy and her mom are only religious by day, and “at night, she’s submitting names to shrines.” Wendy promises the only shrine she knows is a shrine in downtown Baltimore.

In a stellar deflection tactic, Wendy changes gears and asks to speak with Mia. Is she hoping to change the subject by moving away from the conversation? The group realizes what Wendy is doing as she seemingly attempts to avoid the situation. But nevertheless, Wendy does really have to smooth things over with Mia. She wants to be sure that things are good with them despite previous issues, which is lovely to discuss, but it seems like it’s really not the time.

Nneka is not done talking about Wendy’s mom and goes on to say that a shrine is voodoo. At that very minute, the food gets knocked over and a (small, teeny, tiny) fire breaks out. Is that a sign?! It turns out that it was just Juan being competitive on the pickleball court and knocking the food over.

Nneka is willing to move on with Wendy because the problem started with her family, not her, but then the Facebook fight begins. Nneka tells Mia that Wendy’s husband unfollowed him on Facebook after the shrine phone call, but Eddie is saying otherwise. Eddie claims he JUST MET Iyke, and now he is activated. Eddie confronts Iyke, and Iyke bluntly asks why Eddie would unfollow him. Wait, is this really a fight over Facebook? Nneka believes that Eddie’s silence shows that he just wants out of the situation entirely, and before the episode wraps up, Nneka tells Wendy that her mom is a witch.

Seeing Juan look on, pleased as can be that, for once, the focus is not on him and his cheating, is priceless.  He mumbles, “Welcome to the circus,” as the bickering continues, and he couldn’t be more right in this instance.