VIDEO: Lauren Manzo Claps Back at Claims of Plastic Surgery as the RHONJ Alum Shares What She’s Had Done

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VIDEO: RHONJ Alum Lauren Manzo Claps Back at Claims of Plastic Surgery and Shares What She’s Had Done

Lauren Manzo took to her TikTok page earlier this month to shoot down rumors of plastic surgery.

After the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum, 35, who confirmed her split from her husband Vito Scalia, 37, weeks ago, showed off her incredible weight loss while attending her brother Albie Manzo‘s wedding in Italy last month, she was confronted by a fan who mentioned her lap band surgery and suggested she’d undergone another surgery to remove excess skin.

“Didn’t she also get the lap band surgery? And I believe she’s had surgery to remove loose skin. The veneers look nice. Wish I could afford all of that,” the person had written.

But according to Lauren, she’s had no surgery to remove her skin, nor has she gotten veneers.

“I never had skin removal surgery because I’m still young and I like to brag that I have great skin elasticity and I really don’t have any extra skin although the flatter my stomach gets, the more I’m starting to see it coming on my stomach,” Lauren began. “[And ] I don’t have veneers. My bottom teeth are crooked and not as white as I’d like them to be and my top teeth are actually not that bad, my top teeth, but this one’s getting crooked in the front because I never wore my retainer after I had braces for six years.”

Lauren then joked that she “would like veneers if anyone would like to buy them for her” and revealed that while she did get lap band surgery years ago, she has since had the device removed.

“I had my lap band removed,” she confirmed.


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After removing her lap band in 2020, Lauren revealed she was taking Mounjaro, a diabetes medication similar to Ozempic, to lose her last 30 pounds. A short time later, she was accused of having an “Ozempic face,” potentially due to her rapid weight loss.

“I know I do,” Lauren admitted on TikTok at the time. “I also have this flab under my chin from losing weight too fast and I’m working on tightening [it]. Someone else commented that I need to tone up. I know that I need to tone up… Look at these flabby a** arms. I joined a gym and I haven’t been going, and I have been lazy and prioritizing my home.”

The Manzo family was featured on the first five seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey before moving on to their own spinoff show, Manzo’d With Children, which aired for three seasons from 2014 to 2016.