PHOTO: Kim Zolciak is Slammed for Faking Daughter Brielle’s Pregnancy for Social Media Clicks, See Her Post as RHOA Alum Turns Off Comments Amid Backlash

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PHOTO: Kim Zolciak Is Accused of Faking Daughter Brielle's Pregnancy for Social Media Clicks, See Her Post as RHOA Alum Turns Off Comments Amid Backlash

Recent times have not been great for former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak.

As everyone knows, she and Kroy Biermann are going through an on and off again divorce. Not only that, the couple has been plagued with money issues as they both find ways to pay their debts. However, it seems that Kim has sunken to a new low and is now being roasted online for her most recent money grab. 

Kim is no stranger to social media despite the fact that she’s been pretty quiet on various platforms since their money issues came to light. For the most part, nowadays, she uses her Instagram to help sell off her luxury items. However, Kroy has stated in the past that she refuses to put the money toward their mounting bills. 

However, Kim took to Instagram recently to share the news that Brielle, her oldest daughter, was pregnant with her first child. This would be Kim’s first grandchild. The edited post contains a picture of Kim and her daughter with a picture of a sonogram below it. The accompanying caption reads, “I’M SO EXCITED TO BE A GRANDMA! #LinkInBio.”

However, the link goes to an interview where Brielle talks about being a mother in the future. Now, LoveBScott is reporting that Kim gets paid based on the clicks the story gets. She used the random sonogram picture to drum up excitement over the possibility of her becoming a grandmother.  

Of course, fans caught on and began calling her out for the clickbait article and link. This led to Kim eventually turning off the comments on the post. She did the same on Twitter, but that didn’t stop people from Tweeting about the clickbait post. 

One fan joked that clicking the link would lead to identity theft.

Kim/Brielle tweet

Another applauded fans for not falling for Brielle’s fake pregnancy

KIm/Brielle tweet

Lastly, a fan referenced an iconic RHOA scene of Kim being accused of “pimping her daughter out” for John Legend concert tickets.

Kim/Brielle tweet

As expected, Neither Kim nor Brielle have addressed the article or why she’d be willing to use something so personal for money. However, times are tough for the former reality star, so perhaps desperate times call for desperate measures.