RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Says She Won’t Film With Monica Garcia Again, Reveals She’s on “Ozempic” and Teases “Shocks” From Season Finale and Reunion

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHOSLC’s Heather Gay on If She’ll Ever Film With Monica Garcia, Reveals She’s on “The Ozempic Train” and Teases "Shocks" From Season Finale and Reunion

Credit: Brett Colvin/Bravo, Instagram

Heather Gay teased “shocks” from the season finale and reunion of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and she said she’ll never speak to Monica Garcia again. The 49-year-old also claimed she’s “on the Ozempic train,” but she hasn’t “seen much results.”

As we now know, Heather sued Monica for allegedly failing to pay for Heather’s medical spa services – before Monica countersued, claiming she got “botched” injections. The season finale, some fans suspect, marks the start of their war.

Speaking to Variety, Heather addressed the finale and reunion.

“Both experiences were beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my own life or anything I’ve seen on television,” said Heather, who claimed fans will see “a lot of shocks and surprises.”

She went on, “[The trip in] Bermuda was truly a turn of events for all of us. None of us saw anything coming, and then the way it all it exploded and didn’t really resolve at the reunion.”

When asked if she’ll ever film with Monica again, Heather shook her head, saying, “I don’t think I ever will. Ever.” She then pretended to cry sarcastically.

“It’s pretty definitive for myself,” she explained. “I can’t speak for my other cast members, but for me, it’s pretty clear.”

Heather, who recently made the list of Variety’s most powerful women in reality television, said all of her castmates deserve the same title – but failed to mention Monica.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Heather addressed the controversial drug that’s sweeping the reality TV landscape.

After sharing that she’s also “on the Ozempic train” for weight loss, Heather explained, “I’ve been on it for a long time, but hadn’t really seen much results. And I haven’t had massive results, but enough for people to notice, which is great.”

She also noticed a “discouraging” change in how people treat her.

“You lose five pounds, people are nicer to you,” she said. “I don’t know why. It’s just the way the world works and that makes me sad for women. But happy that I’m down five.”

The star continued, “I think that we put so much pressure on ourselves and it’s hard … And I have three daughters that I love and I don’t want them to have my genetics or have to struggle with society’s standards of beauty. I just wish that there was a solution for all of us. But I’m feeling like I’m coming into my own a little bit and I think the glow-up might be a little bit from that, too. But I’ll give credit to all the medical intervention. It’s my business.”

Heather’s Bravo colleague Emily Simpson said she ditched the medication after it made her feel lethargic. Some physicians are worried about the drug’s potential long-term side effects, and they claim it leads to malnutrition and facial aging.