Camille Grammer Says ‘RHUGT’ Cast Was Uninvited From BravoCon, and Shades RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Again

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Camille Grammer Says 'RHUGT' Cast Was Uninvited From BravoCon, and Shades RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Again

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Everyone knows Camille Grammer Meyer as one of the OGs of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Though she had her fair share of haters of the show, many people miss seeing her on their TV screens. Because of this, fans were excited to see her on RHUGT season four. However, it seems that the show is delayed, if not canceled. The latest is that Camille recently appeared on the Two Ts In A Pod podcast and opened up about how the RHUGT season four cast is being treated. Not only that, but she is also providing her thoughts on Dorit Kemsley.

Fans will remember that during the filming of season four, there was a bit of a situation that arose between Caroline and Brandi. Allegedly, Brandi kissed Caroline without her consent. This led to them both going home early. However, Phaedra has come out and said that things didn’t happen like that. The cast was supposed to include Camille, Vicki, Gretchen, Brandi, Phaedra, Eva, Alex, and Caroline.

There have been no updates about the currently unaired season. However, Camille recently sat down with the Two Ts In A Pod podcast and offered some new information. According to the former RHOBH star, the cast was originally invited to BravoCon and had a panel scheduled.

Camille had this to say, “The cast was invited to BravoCon, and then we were uninvited because they decided to cancel our panel. I think that was a network decision, so I didn’t take it personally. Was I bummed? Yes, I even texted Andy.”

From the short conversation, it doesn’t seem like Camille and the rest of the cast were given a reason for the panel being canceled. However, it’s fairly easy to assume that it’s due to the situation between Caroline and Brandi. After all, fans still have quite a few questions about what happened. It’d be hard to ignore the elephant in the room with the cast gathered at BravoCon. 


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Additionally, having a panel with that cast sort of forces them to air the season if they are perhaps planning not to in light of the claims made by Caroline.

Elsewhere in the interview, Camille also addressed her previous words about Dorit.

Tamra said, “Now, a couple of weeks ago, there was a little diss to Dorit. Overplayed and boring and thirsty.”

Camille responded by saying, “I do think she’s boring. I finally am seeing this season because I watch the show now that I’m not on it. Bravo put out a tweet about the wind chime. And I think that joke itself was just, okay, we’ve milked it enough. Let’s just move on.”

Tamra chimed in, “A little overplayed?”

Camille continues, “I think that’s the most iconic thing she’s ever done.”

Of course, the two have always had a continuous history and have shaded each other in the press.