RHOP Star Candiace Dillard Shares Real Issue With Robyn Dixon, and Talks Feeling “Vindicated” After Woman Admits to Lying About Affair With Chris Bassett

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RHOP Star Candiace Dillard Shares Real Issue With Robyn Dixon, and Talks Feeling "Vindicated" After Woman Admits to Lying About Affair With Chris Bassett

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There has been a ton of drama on and off camera for the ladies of the Real Housewives of Potomac. Among the most significant pieces of juicy gossip has been Candiace Dillard Bassett‘s feud with her costars, and the false accusation that Candiace’s husband, Chris, had an affair.

This rumor was also fueled by her RHOP co-stars Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant on their Reasonably Shady podcast. Luckily for Candiace, Ayanna Williams, the alleged mistress, admitted to making up the affair. 

Fans will recall that the now-alleged mistress of Chris claimed that the two dated for about six months. She also said that she got pregnant and ultimately decided to have an abortion, which she claimed Chris paid for. However, the woman was never able to offer up any evidence. This is despite doing interviews with infamous bloggers such as YouTuber Tasha K.

Now, Candiace is speaking to the Page Six Virtual Realti-Tea podcast about the matter. When asked how it feels to be vindicated, she had this to say, “Is it nice to be vindicated? I guess.”

However, the RHOP star went on to say that though her marriage doesn’t have scars from the rumors, her friendship with Robyn does. This is due to how she and Gizelle discussed the situation on their podcast.

Candiace continued, “At the end of the day, I don’t like that this was someone who I considered a big sister, and we have fallen apart. That, to me, is the loss. And the loss is greater than the vindication for me.”

Of course, Robyn is also no stranger to cheating rumors. Though her husband, Juan, denies it, he has been accused of cheating on Robyn on multiple occasions. However, Robyn never discussed the matter on the show, only to later do so behind a paywall. Being that she stars on a show where she is supposed to discuss her real life. Fans, and seemingly the network, were upset that she hid this from the cameras. Now, this is being discussed in the current season of RHOP.

Additionally, Robyn previously divorced Juan as a result of his cheating but remarried him in 2022.

As for how Candiace feels about Robyn’s decision to stay in the marriage after repeated cheating rumors, she understands. She told the podcast, “She clearly loves him. I think that as a Black woman with Black boys, there’s always this thing in the back of our minds — as mothers, mothers-to-be, It’s important that, especially as a Black woman raising Black men, that my sons see a nuclear, familial environment around them.”

She continued, “I think that is … in the back of her mind. I understand that point of view. I support her staying with her man. As long as he’s not putting his hands on you or putting you in precarious situations, cool.”

However, Candiace does not support her RHOP co-star hiding her life from the cameras and then offering up the information to monetize from it. 

“My issue was, you went behind a paywall to sell your drama when Bravo pays you more than me to talk about your stuff on this show, and you watch me be reamed by the other half of the broke girls [Bryant] for lying on my husband. You [Robyn] had real drama to talk about.”

Of course, Candiace is also referring to how Gizelle accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable when they were alone together. This claim by Gizelle was later proven to be untrue. 

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