PHOTO: Brandi Glanville Shares Photo of Disfigured Face and Opens Up About Health Issue After RHUGT Allegations, See Her Swollen Face as She Explains Medical Condition and Says She Cried on Birthday and Stopped Podcast

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PHOTO: RHOBH's Brandi Glanville Confirms She Suffered a Stress-Induced Angioedema After Caroline's Sexual Assault Claims, Cried on Birthday Due to Facial Swelling and Stopped Podcast

Brandi Glanville suffered a stress-induced angioedema after Caroline Manzo accused her of sexual assault following filming on the fourth season of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip in Morocco in early 2023.

During an interview on Tuesday, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi, 51, opened up about the health crisis she was faced with as she endured allegations from Caroline, 62. She revealed that after experiencing swelling of her face and lips in August, as well as an anaphylactic shock, a scary situation in October left her hospitalized.

“I’ve had some health issues that have affected my ability to talk. My ability to taste food, my face basically would swell up, like I would have anaphylactic shock, go into anaphylactic shock constantly and I saw 7 doctors and their answer to it was it was stress-induced angioedema,” Brandi revealed during a January 2 interview with Entertainment Tonight, giving a nod to a condition in which swelling occurs beneath the skin.

RHOBH Brandi Glanville Shares Pic of Face Disfiguring

As RHOBH fans may know, Brandi has been under stress in recent months after Caroline, formerly of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, accused her of inappropriate touching, leading her to be removed from the RHUGT set and slammed by Peacock, who said her behavior was “unacceptable.”

In the months since Caroline first made the claims, Brandi has denied the accusations and hired legal representation.

She’s also accused producers of creating an unsafe work environment and encouraging excessive alcohol consumption.

“I think the [RHUGT] shows are the wild west. They don’t know what [they’re] doing yet. We can’t work 19-hour days and be fueled with alcohol all day,” she said. “No, they don’t force you but they want you to and you want to please the producers. I think that you know when we’re all exhausted and we’re doing 20 events a day working 19 hours, fully wasted it’s not a safe environment for any of us and that’s what the [RHUGT] are.”

As Caroline confirmed she’d never return to the Real Housewives franchise due to the “traumatic” incident, Brandi’s health deteriorated.

“I just want to be healthy. I have taken my health for granted,” Brandi admitted. “I cried on my birthday. It was on November 16th. I cried the whole night and I thought that was my new normal. I was just never gonna look the same or feel the same. I was just gonna be this giant pumpkin head and like my mouth even now I get tired of talking.”

Brandi also took a break from her podcast.

“I didn’t do my podcast for several months because I would just have to stop and take breaks. It’s insane. I took my health for granted,” she explained.

Also during the interview, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. John Layke, whom Brandi partnered with amid her medical crisis, confirmed the work he’s done on Brandi to restore her look without surgery.

“We chose to use something called EmFace, it’s amazing technology called HIFES technology which is High Intensity Focused Electro Stimulation, electromagnetic stimulation, and the idea behind it is that we put certain applicators onto areas of the face and we have muscles in the face that either pull our expressions downward as in a frown or we have it upwards in a smile and so this technology selectively will contract the muscles that elevate the face,” he shared.

Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season four remains up in the air with no premiere date set.