RHOBH Recap: Garcelle Accuses Dorit of “Unconscious Karen Behavior,” Explains What Word “Attack” Means to Her, as Kim Begs Kyle to Make Amends With Kathy and Denise Mentions Erika’s Legal Drama

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Recap: Garcelle Accuses Dorit of “Unconscious Karen Behavior,” Explains What the Word “Attack” Means to Her, as Kim Begs Kyle to Make Amends With Kathy and Sutton Goes on Another Date

It was only a matter of time before Erika showed her true (mean) colors again, and on this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she unleashes on Denise. Kim hopes that Kyle will reconcile with Kathy in time for a family wedding, and Sutton shows us that there are dateable older men in Beverly Hills. But the real focus is on the word “attack” — what it means to Garcelle and how Dorit hurt her deeply by using it flippantly in an argument…

Crystal‘s Taco Tuesday dinner gets turned upside down. Dorit, the pot-stirrer extraordinaire, blows up the joint and then bounces when she can’t stand the heat.  This leaves Denise and Erika staring at each other, preparing to duel. Denise addresses how inappropriate it was for Erika to insinuate her daughter knew what a threesome was, and to defend her actions, Erika brings up Denise’s oldest daughter on OnlyFans.

Erika then tells Denise that she asked for her mean comments, and Denise is appalled Erika would go as low as wondering, “Who is more profitable [on OnlyFans], you or Sami?” Once angry Erika is unleashed, there is no way to get her back in the box.

Denise claims all she wanted to know was what she did to Erika to have her say something about her children like that, and Erika is as confused as we viewers are. Erika takes us down memory lane, but Denise remembers it differently. They go back and forth about who is right and who is wrong. Erika, and the footage, prove that Denise’s memory is clearly botched, and Denise believes that Erika is being condescending.

It’s Denise’s turn to hit below the belt when she questions Erika’s involvement in Tom Girardi’s legal issues.  How couldn’t Erika know that $20 million was deposited in her account?? A cool Erika claims the “government” vindicated her. Uh? That lawsuit that alleges Tom fraudulently transferred $25 million to Erika over a span of years is still ongoing.


Fortunately for Erika, Denise is not a fact-checker, and luckily for us, Kim is as awkward as ever and breaks up the tension by leaving. Erika cannot believe that Denise would go after her when Denise is on OnlyFans for $7.  Erika dismisses Denise and walks away. In conclusion, it appears as though Erika has not changed one bit, despite trying to turn over a new leaf during the Lenten season.

Only after Erika walks away does Kyle speak up, and everyone jumps all over her for not saying something in the heat of the moment. To that, Kyle behaves like a whiny child, claiming that no one ever stood up for her when the women were questioning her new wedding band and surmising about an affair.

Erika goes over to Dorit’s house and catches her up on what went down after Dorit left. Erika is astounded that Denise is still mad about something that happened four years ago. Dorit cackles when Erika shares the “who makes more money on OnlyFans” argument, but the giggling settles down when Dorit talks about her recent issues with Garcelle. Dorit did not realize that using the word “attack” toward Garcelle could be so triggering, and it is evident that she doesn’t understand (or care to understand) Garcelle. Dorit is shocked things took such a turn since she thought she was making strides in her friendship with Garcelle.

Meanwhile, Garcelle FaceTimes her bestie, Sutton. She talks about how she cried herself to sleep after Dorit used the word “attack” to describe their conversation, and Sutton feels for Garcelle, understanding what the word implies.

Later, Sutton meets with her matchmaker again, even though she cannot even remember her name. LOL.  Sutton debriefs Alessandra (that’s her name) on her last date, which didn’t go so hot. They talk about future dates, what to do, and what not to do. This next guy seems cute, but not quite a billionaire, much to Sutton’s chagrin.

Two of the three Richards sisters are back together again. Kim comes over to Kyle’s house, and they chat about casual subjects like hummingbirds (a nod to their late mother) and wedding planning (Kim’s daughter is getting married).

The Kathy drama resurfaces, and Kyle talks about the time Kathy came to her house to apologize for what happened in Aspen. Kyle WANTED to move on, but Kathy’s behavior at the reunion and afterward showed Kyle otherwise. Kim really wants her sisters to get along and basically says that Kyle needs to fix things with Kathy before her daughter’s wedding.  Kyle cries about how mean Kathy can get and laments that trying to have a conversation with Kathy is difficult. Kim quotes their mother about family always sticking together, and she breaks down, crying about how much she loves their mother and wants the sister damage repaired.

Crystal talks with her husband, Rob, about how the women want her to speak up more in the group. Rob suggests that Crystal simply share her strong opinions, but Crystal explains that it has been harder for her to focus on conversation recently. Crystal is too distracted by the thinness of the ladies, and she is affected by it since she is constantly comparing herself to them. She is trying not to be self-conscious, but sometimes it is impossible to push aside the self-doubt to get involved in their conversation.

In other news, Crystal’s brother is returning to L.A., and Crystal is ready to let him spread his wings. She is aware that she has been too controlling of her brother and what she wants for him, so she will be stepping back to let him live his life.

On a rainy evening, Sutton meets up with her newest date, Steve. Sutton is a compliment-giving machine, as per her matchmaker’s advice. They bond over karaoke, talking, and listening.  And Sutton has officially gotten herself a second date, breaking the curse! I’d call this a success… and she didn’t even need her cat sweater!

Garcelle has agreed to meet with Dorit, and when they sit down, things are awkward. Like really awkward. They browse the menu in silence until Dorit is the first to talk. She asks Garcelle to take the floor and share her feelings about what went down.

Garcelle calmly explains to Dorit that certain words have different impacts to different people — you don’t say aggressive, attack, or angry to Black women because that’s labeling. Garcelle wants Dorit to be made aware of who she is talking to.  Dorit reminds Garcelle that the word “attack” has been thrown around by the other women in the group, but Garcelle makes it clear it was never directed toward her.

Garcelle believes that Dorit said the word with bad intentions, and Dorit is shocked. Dorit lets Garcelle know that Garcelle is hurting *her* feelings, thus bringing Dorit back on the defense. Garcelle thinks there is a Dorit pattern, and it “feels like an unconscious Karen behavior.” Dorit is incredibly uncomfortable as Garcelle points out that if there are racist undertones in things Dorit has said or done in the past, it’s not Garcelle’s fault.

Dorit feels like there is something more and reminds Garcelle that she is Jewish… which has to do with what?! Dorit attempts to connect with Garcelle when she says they both come from marginalized communities, but Garcelle isn’t biting. Dorit feels like everything is on her, and Garcelle straight-up tells Dorit she is getting under her skin. Dorit admits that this has been a learning lesson, but let’s see if the old saying is true in this situation: when you know better you do better.