Jen Shah’s Rep on Real Reason RHOSLC Alum Refused Andy Cohen’s Interview, What Execs Allegedly Said as They Claim Producers Tried to “Bring” Jen “Down,” Plus Andy Shades Jen, & Live Viewing Thread

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Jen Shah’s Rep Shares Real Reason RHOSLC Alum Refused Interview With Andy Cohen, Shares What Execs Allegedly Said &, Claims Network Tried to “Bring” Jen “Down,” and Knew About Monica’s Past

Jen Shah got “direct calls” from execs after she refused the interview with Andy Cohen before her prison sentence, according to new claims being made by Jen’s rep.

Her team said the network “worked over time” to “bring down Jen,” and they knew about Monica Garcia’s controversial past amid her casting for Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

“I understand that emotions are high right now as a lot of misinformation is being put out to the public maliciously due to a decision that was made back in January 2023,” wrote Jen’s rep, via a press release on “That decision was to not move forward with a 1:1 interview [with Andy] and a mini-series.”

“Now that certain terms have been disclosed publicly on a radio show, I find it important to make transparent the true events as Jen closes the door on this toxic relationship with the network and production company,” the rep added, referring to Andy’s recent claims. “The 1:1 interview would [have] take[n] place in her home as they discussed the particulars of her case, and her relationship with the other ladies of the show. Due to the holidays and the looming sentencing date approaching, Jen elected to spend time with her family, as well as continue to abide by the advice of her legal representation – which is why she did not attend the Salt Lake City Season 3 reunion.”

According to the rep, Jen declined the network’s offer after weighing “certain clauses” of the agreement over “exclusivities and misrepresentation.”

“From there began a host of unknown and direct calls from production and network executives, attorneys, and other relative parties about this being her ‘opportunity’ … and threats of her exclusivity with the [show],” the release continued. “We were told ‘you know how much of an honor this is to sit down with Andy’. These calls and emails lasted until the middle of January, which were all met with respectful declines.”

The release also claimed executive producers wanted Jen’s husband Coach Sharrieff Shah to film for the latest season.

“That decision did not sit well with the network and production company,” said the rep. “Since Jen has made this decision, including declining other request from executive producers over the months, (I.E Asking Coach Shah to film for season four, inquiring on her life in prison, and her release date which continues to move up) – the network and production company have worked over time in their attempt to retaliate and bring down Jen.”

In comes Monica.

“These examples [of retaliation] include casting an individual that was given a cease and desist back in 2021, in which the production company, and network were sent a copy of at that time. Allowing various guest to come on a weekly variety show and imply Jen’s involvement in a physical act that did not occur,” alleged the rep, alluding to Heather’s black eye. “Even sending certain cast members to try and rekindle with Jen or close family members in ‘hopes’ of getting added to her video call list, for what we can all assume was for storyline in Season 4. These instances were all met with no reply.”

The release said Jen will “speak her side of the story” in time, and they cryptically added: “The great thing about technology is that all phone calls, emails, and text messages are recorded.”

Meanwhile, Andy threw some major shade at Jen during Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live while addressing rapper Eminem’s lawsuit against RHOP stars Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant.

“Who ever thought you would be in a lawsuit with Eminem over the word shady? That is dumb,” said Andy.

Robyn responded: “It’s the most bizarre twilight zone…”

Andy replied, “Kinda like Jen Shah tweeting from jail.”

Live Viewing Thread – This is also the live viewing thread for part one of the RHOSLC season four three-part reunion. Feel free to chat and comment below as the episode airs tonight on Bravo at 8/7c.