Thomas Ravenel Shares New Details of Hook Up With Olivia Flowers, Claims She “Used” Him to Get on Southern Charm, and Reveals If He Was With Kathryn, as Kathyrn Slams Taylor as “Gross”

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Thomas Ravenel Talks Olivia Hookup, Claims She "Used" Him to Get on Southern Charm, and Confirms If He Was With Kathryn, Plus Shades "Low Blow" as Kathyrn Slams Taylor as "Gross"

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Thomas Ravenel is opening up about his 2017 hookup with Olivia Flowers, claiming the 31-year-old used him to get on Southern Charm.

After Taylor Ann Green, 29, blasted Olivia at the season nine reunion, claiming her hookup with Austen Kroll, 36, was no worse than Olivia’s hookup with Thomas, 61, the former politician detailed what went down between them, slamming Olivia’s “low blow” and confirming whether he and his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis, 32, were together at the time it occurred.

“I was in Atlanta the weekend of January 14, 2017, for my nephew’s wedding. Olivia was living in Atlanta at the time [pursuing] her acting career. She was 24 years old (at the time) NOT 20, like she claimed on the reunion,” Thomas revealed to All About The Tea on January 12, signaling to Olivia saying she was “fresh out of college, 20 years old” when they hooked up.

“I reached out to her, and to my surprise, she was very inviting,” he continued. “We went on a date and hung out at various bars around Atlanta. It was a fun evening and one thing led to another after she invited me to her condo in downtown Atlanta. After that night, I never called her again. It was a one-time deal.”

According to Thomas, Olivia conducted herself in a “classy” manner on the night of their encounter. And, if it hadn’t been exposed at the reunion, he would’ve never spoken about it.

“She used me!” he went on. “Olivia was in Atlanta [pursuing] an acting career, and she wanted to get on [Southern Charm]; that’s why she befriended me.”

As for his status with Kathryn, Thomas confirmed, “When I hooked up with Olivia in 2017, Kathyrn and I were long done for years, and I had full custody of my kids after a court battle.”

“Why do [they] always drag my name into their mess to get the ratings up?” Thomas wondered.

During Thursday’s reunion episode, Olivia admitted she “wanted to take [the hookup] to [her] grave,” asking, “Who wouldn’t?,” which Thomas felt was a “low blow,” especially considering he’s a friend of the family.

“I gave a moving speech at her brother [Conner Flowers]’s funeral. I have never been disrespectful to her, so I don’t know why she felt the need to be rude to me,” he explained. “That was a low blow and uncalled for. I wish they would stop using me to drive ratings up.”

Also, following the reveal of Thomas and Olivia’s hookup, Kathryn weighed in on Instagram, slamming Taylor for her “gross” behavior against Olivia.

“We all make mistakes, and sometimes the same ones. We didn’t know each other back then so this isn’t even a thing. And [Taylor] acting like she cares about me to hurt Olivia, who actually does is gross,” Kathryn wrote in a comment shared by Queens of Bravo on Instagram.

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The Southern Charm season nine reunion continues next Thursday, January 18, at 8/7c on Bravo.