Winter House’s Kory Keefer Breaks Silence on Samantha Feher Split & Apologizes for Antics on Show as Samantha Throws Shade on Instagram

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Winter House's Kory Keefer Admits He and Samantha Feher "Weren't Meant" to Be, Says He's "So Sorry" for Hurting Her and Wants to “Grow as a Man"

Credit: Jenny Kim/Bravo

Kory Keefer is speaking out about his split from Samantha Feher.

After the Summer House star, 26, confirmed she and the Winter House cast member, 33, had parted ways after about a year of dating on a podcast earlier this week, Kory broke his silence, admitting that when it came to his romance with Sam, he felt that the two of them simply “weren’t meant” to be.

“Sam and I connected on so many levels but I believe we just weren’t meant for each other, and that’s the hardest truth to admit,” Keefer told Page Six on January 16. “[But I have] nothing but positive things to say [about Sam] … She is such a special lady. Honestly, she’s just a beautiful, wonderful, loving woman.”

As Bravo fans will recall, Kory engaged in flirtatious behavior with his castmates on Winter House, which “hurt” Samantha.

“[I’m] so sorry for that,” Kroy admitted. “Navigating any relationship is difficult and doing it on TV and in the public eye is next level,” he said. “But I take full responsibility for how I acted on Winter House. It kills me to look back and see how my actions hurt Sam. I’m so sorry for that. I made this winter very very difficult for her.”

Looking forward, Kory said he’s “been doing a lot of self-reflection” and hopes to “grow as a man.”

“We had some amazing memories that I will always cherish and I was just so blessed to have had the time with her,” he concluded.

Earlier this week, while appearing on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Samantha said she broke up with Kory “because he doesn’t love [her].”

“That was like really a big problem for me,” she stated. “I was like, ‘I think I need to get out, it’s becoming clear.’”

According to Samantha, she called Kory last month after he failed to contact her for two straight days.

“We were talking and talking, and he was like, ‘What are you saying? Are you saying we should break up?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ Silence,” she revealed, noting that she felt “disrespected” by Kory’s antics on Winter House.

“In my opinion, he gave a completely false impression of how serious we were,” she continued.

After confirming their split, Samantha shared a racy photo of herself being fed a piece of pizza as she stunned with an updo and a fancy silver two-piece ensemble.

“Dropped 200 lbs. DM me for tips and tricks!” she wrote in the caption, seemingly shading her ex Kory. She also included a link to the podcast episode in which her and Kory’s breakup was discussed and said, “Or just listen here.”

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Winter House season three concluded in December 2023.