RHOP’s Ashley Darby Shares New Reason She & Luke Gulbranson Split, Hints at “Final Straw,” and Reveals “Housewife” She Doesn’t “Mesh” With, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOP’s Ashley Darby Reveals Why She and Luke Gulbranson Split, Hints at “Final Straw,” and Shares Which ‘Housewife’ She Doesn’t “Mesh With”

Ashley Darby shared why she and Luke Gulbranson split – and hinted at a “final straw.” The Real Housewives of Potomac star also revealed which ‘Housewife’ she doesn’t “mesh with.”

Andy Cohen first played cupid with Ashley and Luke after she claimed she was attracted to the Summer House star. Though they dated for a while, the romance turned to dust by early 2023.

“My situation is complicated. My stuff with my previous partner [Michael Darby] has gotten better, but at that time, [it] was really bad,” said Ashley on why they split, in an interview with Page Six’s ‘Virtual Reali-Tea’ podcast, via People.

Ashley said she and Luke “just sort of grew apart.”

“He stuck out through a lot of it,” she shared. “And I commend him, but there was a final straw that we decided to keep between us. And I respect that.”

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Ashley shared which ‘Housewife’ she would trade for a RHOP costar.

“[Whitney Rose] is a vibe,” said Ashley on “Housewives Happy Hour,” explaining that they have similar parenting views. “I love it. We have a lot in common.”

Ashley also feels close to Teresa Giudice, who’s helped her through this hard “transition” of her life – alluding to her “parallel parenting” with her ex Michael, amid their divorce.

“I love [Teresa]  so much,” continued Ashley. “Every time I see her, it’s just like I see a family member.”

“She’s very supportive,” she added. “She’ll check in on me. She said she has somebody she wants me to meet, so she’s trying to matchmake [for] me, and I love it.”

But Ashley doesn’t “mesh with” with every ‘Housewife.’ Specifically, she referred to Adriana de Moura, who alleged she made out with Captain Jason from Below Deck Down Under. Ashley denied this ever happened.

“I’m not vibing with that. I don’t like that,” said Ashley. “When I watched season 1 [of RHOM], she was the only person I was like, ‘Could I imagine being friends with her?’ And turns out, no. I can’t.”

As for her own franchise, Ashley claimed Gizelle Bryant “causes the most drama.”

 “The tea she spills — she’s like an endless source of information,” she said. “[People] tell her everything. And then she’ll sprinkle in a little bit for me.”

Ashley claimed her own messiest moment was on Watch What Happens Live, when she alleged Karen “was canoodling with somebody in the pizza shop.”

Regarding the current season, Ashley said Nneka Ihim could gun for Karen’s title of “Grande Dame.”

“[Nneka is] a breath of fresh air,” she asserted. “[She’s] funny, she’s witty, she’s smart, fashionable, I love her.”

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