RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Accuses Media of Misrepresenting Friendship With Morgan Wade & Shares How as Morgan Deletes IG Pics and Shares “Not Okay” Post

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards Accuses Media of Misrepresenting Friendship With Morgan Wade, Says They Cut Other Friends Out of Pics, and Addresses Claims of Annemarie Doing Her "Dirty Work"

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Kyle Richards is setting the record straight about her friendship with Morgan Wade.

As the two continue to face questions about a potential romance, both on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and off, Kyle, 55, blamed the false “narrative” on the media as she accused them of cutting other friends out of photos from group outings and Morgan raised questions on Instagram by deleting nearly all of her pics and promoting “Not Okay” merch.

“She’s [in a] group of friends that I lean on,” Kyle said of Morgan, 29, on the January 23 episode of SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. “In the media, they only show Morgan. But she’s part of a group of friends … There’s those friends that are the first text messages of the day, you know? Immediately, there’s like, tiers of friendship and you may love all of these friends, but there are different tiers. You know, my first text messages of the day are four different people. But you know, if I’m walking down the street, having lunch with them, they’re usually cut out of a photo.”

According to Kyle, there was an instance recently where one of her other friends, Jana, was included in paparazzi shots. However, it seemed to be only due to the fact that they looked “like [they were] kissing each other” as they said goodbye after a day out in Los Angeles.

“I’m like, “Of course, they want to use that photo.’ But usually they cut my friends out unless it’s Morgan,” she explained. “It’s so funny, you know, I was in Paris and my friend Tina that I’ve grown up with since I’m 10 years old, she’s cut out of every photo because they don’t know who Tina is.”

Meanwhile, during her outings with Morgan, Kyle and the country singer are always photographed together.

“That’s the narrative they want,” Kyle stated. “So that’s been the focus.”

Continuing on, Kyle seemingly gave a nod to her separation from Mauricio Umansky, 53, saying that as she was “going through a hard time,” she leaned on her closest friends.

“I never went to therapy before. I am in therapy now, but my friends were my therapists always and I grew up with a family of all women and, you know, when I’m struggling, my friends are my, they’re my therapists,” she admitted. “They’re my rock. And now that my kids are older, they’re also, you know, my rocks. You know, growing up, I was too busy taking care of them when they were little, but now they help me too. But I share everything with them. Good, bad, the ugly, we all do.”

As Kyle continues to lean on Morgan and others for support, Morgan has caught the attention of fans by scrubbing her Instagram account and sharing a Story about her collab with Max Effort Muscle.

According to Bravo and Cocktails on Instagram, Morgan “deleted all but two pics” and posted a story that featured a “Not Okay” hoodie.

Morgan Wade Scrubs Instagram Account of all But Two Photos

Max Effort Muscle announced their collab with Morgan earlier this week, along with a series of photos of their merch, which includes hoodies, T-shirts, and hats.

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