RHOBH Star Kyle Richards Talks Dorit Being “Jealous” of Morgan Relationship as Dorit Addresses “Distance” From Kyle, Plus Crystal Admits She Had Suspicions Over Kyle & Morgan’s Closeness, and Annemarie Says Kyle “Gushes” About Morgan

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards Says Dorit is "Jealous" of Morgan, Shares What Caused Divide as Dorit Talks “K” Tattoo on Morgan, Plus Erika Annemarie and Crystal Weigh in

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Kyle Richards believes Dorit Kemsley is “jealous” of her close-knit friendship with Morgan Wade.

After Dorit, 47, admitted on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that she feels she’s been replaced by Morgan, 28, whom Kyle, 54, tattooed a “K” on amid production, Kyle poked fun at Dorit’s hilarious reaction to the ink as Erika Jayne, 52, and Annemarie Wiley, 40, agreed that Dorit was envious of the bond Kyle and Morgan share.

“Obviously when I just put my initial, I knew that would get a reaction from people, but I didn’t care. And Dorit’s reaction may have been the funniest of all,” Kyle recalled on the December 20 episode of the RHOBH: After Show. “She was like, ‘Kyle!’ She’s just a little jealous … She was feeling like we didn’t spend a lot of time together.”

According to Dorit, she was “very surprised” to learn that Kyle had tattooed Morgan due to the length of time they’d known one another.

“That’s kind of… wow … She was laughing. I was like, ‘What?!’” she shared. “They’ve gotten so close, you know, Morgan’s surpassed my closeness with Kyle. So obviously from, selfishly, from my standpoint, I think it’s like what? You just became friends with this girl maybe two years [ago].

But, according to Erika, that surprise likely stemmed from jealousy.

“[Dorit] needs to feel like she’s in first place with you. She didn’t feel like she was in first place,” Erika told Kyle.

And Annemarie agreed.

“I think Dorit is a little bit jealous and I think she’s a little bit hurt. Kyle spends so much of her time with Morgan. She actually kind of like, gushes about Morgan, right? So I can see how Dorit would almost feel like she’s being replaced a little bit,” Annemarie reasoned.

Speaking of the relationship between Kyle and Morgan, who have faced months of romance rumors, Dorit explained that Teddi Mellencamp, 42, is also part of the friend group.

“[But] Kyle and Morgan are definitely the closest in that group,” she clarified, adding, “I wish that Kyle had not pulled away from me.”

Looking back at what caused that divide between them, Kyle said the RHOBH season 12 reunion left her feeling less than supported by Dorit as her relationship with her sister Kathy Hilton, 64, fell apart.

“After the reunion, I was really upset,” she revealed. “I was talking with [Sutton Stracke] and Dorit, and they knew what was going on, and they knew my side. And then when Dorit made some comment like, ‘I think your sister just wants to feel supported.’ And I was like, ‘Wow. What do you think I want? And what about that conversation we just had yesterday?’ I was really disappointed and listen, I love Dorit. I love her and I don’t hold on to that stuff but I just needed a minute and I was like ‘Gosh, you guys know what I’m going through right now.’”

“You didn’t feel supported,” Erika agreed.

Even Dorit acknowledged that Kyle had a hard time at the taping, although she didn’t suspect their time apart would last so long.

“The reunion was very, very, very hard for Kyle. I just, I guess I kinda thought she’d have a couple of months where she withdraws, but those couple of months ended up being a lot longer, and it just felt very much like there was just distance between us,” she explained. “And that upset me. And then obviously, as I was experiencing that, I was seeing, via social media, who she was spending her time with.”

Crystal Kung-Minkoff, 40, also “couldn’t help but notice” that Kyle was “always posting about Morgan.”

“That struck me, and I did think, I was like, it felt like a different relationship than her other friends. It did,” she admitted.

Regarding the ongoing romance rumors about Kyle and Morgan, Dorit said she could see how they would start.

“Even I, I was suspect, but I think Kyle, she’s said now over and over and cleared it up, they’re very good friends. [But] I don’t think you help the rumors when you do music videos where you’re playing one another’s love interest,” she noted.

“My question is, why are they doing that if they’re constantly [denying a romance]?” Crystal replied.

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