RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Explains Why She’s No Longer Close to Dorit as Dorit Accuses Her of “Morphing” Into Morgan, Plus She Shares Divorce Update & Talks ‘Awkwardness’ With Mauricio

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOBH's Kyle Richards Explains Why She's No Longer Close to Dorit as Dorit Accuses Her of "Morphing" Into Morgan, Plus Says She Shares Divorce Update & Talks 'Awkwardness' With Mauricio

Kyle Richards is admitting she’s no longer close to Dorit Kemsley.

After being seen gushing over her friendship with Morgan Wade, 28, on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, stating that their relationship is “very different” from her other friends, Kyle, 54, said Dorit, 47, “doesn’t feel like a friend” as her co-stars accused her of “morphing” into Morgan — and replacing her.

“I feel like I’m an afterthought. I guess I have to put your initial on my body for you to actually care. I mean, literally,” Dorit tells Kyle in a sneak peek at the December 20 episode shared by Bravo, giving a nod to Morgan’s “K” tattoo.

“I mean, Morgan has so many [tattoos] on her, I was like, ‘What difference does it make?'” Kyle replies.

Still, Dorit is perplexed by the relationship between Kyle and Morgan, which many have suspected is romantic, and notes, “I can’t believe how good of friends you guys are.”

“I know. People are like, ‘I don’t understand this friendship,'” Kyle responds.

Dorit then says that Kyle and Morgan seem to be “morphing into one another” before correcting herself.

“You’re morphing into her,” she tells her castmate.

In a confessional, Dorit further explains her feelings toward her status with Kyle.

“I genuinely feel hurt by this distance between Kyle and I. Kyle and I used to go away once or twice, even more, a year. Now I’m not invited on any of Kyle’s trips,” she shares. “Much of who Kyle has become is a lot like who Morgan is. Where do I fit in, in Kyle’s new life feels like I’ve not just been excluded, but maybe even replaced.”

Meanwhile, in her own confessional, Kyle explains why she hasn’t been as close to Dorit.

“I really felt disappointed in her,” she admits as a flashback scene featured Dorit calling her out over her drama with Kathy Hilton, 64, at the RHOBH season 12 reunion. “In private, Dorit had been saying to me, ‘I feel so bad about what you’re going through with your sister,’ and she was really supportive and on my side. And then when we were all together, it was a very different tune. That doesn’t feel like a friend to me.”

In other Kyle Richards news, the longtime reality star opened up about her separation from Mauricio Umansky, 53, during an interview earlier this week.

After revealing she recently had to correct someone who mentioned her alleged “divorce,” Kyle told The Messenger that she and Mauricio aren’t yet considering a permanent split.

“We haven’t spoken about [divorce] yet,” she confirmed. “That has not come up yet. Obviously, we know that it is potentially something that could happen with us. We just haven’t gone that route yet.”

As they continue with their months-long separation, Kyle and Mauricio, who share daughters Alexia Umansky, 27, Sophia Umansky, 23, and Portia Umansky, 15, have remained living as a family, which Kyle said is sometimes “awkward.”

“We’re fortunate enough that my home can fit us all to spread out. And I’m also very fortunate that we get along, and care about each other very much and that we are a family no matter what,” Kyle stated. “That’s always been what we stand for. That has not changed, and obviously some days are not as great as others. Some days it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s a little awkward today.’ And other days, it’s like nothing ever happened, and we’re just all watching TV as a family.”

“We’re taking it a day at a time,” she added.

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