Billie Lee Says She Staged “Intervention” for Tom Sandoval After Finding “Drugs” as She Explains Why They’re No Longer Friends, Plus Claims Tom’s Girlfriend Victoria Wanted Ariana’s Stuff Out of House & Dishes on Their “Toxic” Fights

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Vanderpump Rules' Billie Lee on Why She Isn't Friends With Tom Anymore, Victoria Wanting Ariana's Stuff Out of House, and Staging an Intervention for Tom Amid Potential Drug Use

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Billie Lee explained why she’s no longer friends with Tom Sandoval on the latest episode of her podcast.

In addition to giving listeners an insider account of Tom’s “toxic” relationship with girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson and accusing the model of wanting Ariana Madix‘s belongings out of their $2 million home, the Vanderpump Rules alum explained how Victoria’s influence on her former best friend led her to stage an intervention.

“I literally have not said a word until … someone, my publicist actually, sent me this screenshot and it’s Victoria on this Bravo site, which, are you really watching all the Bravo sites? She’s addicted. And she said, ‘Billie didn’t set a boundary,’ and then she put a laughing emoji. I wasn’t gonna say a word until I saw this f*cking text because it makes me so upset,” Billie began on the June 5 episode of Billie & The Kid.

I gave up a lot for Tom. I lost a lot of friends, and I was there for him as much as I could be, and I have no regrets. I 100 percent love that I was there to help a friend out, totally,” she continued.

According to Billie, Tom was sober for a very long time, but he started drinking again when he met Victoria.

“I noticed a lot of alarming things, especially how the house was a mess all the time. There was drugs laying around everywhere, and it was just a very dark time, and he was like just always depressed, they were fighting all the time, and I would get dragged into the fights,” she alleged.

While Billie said she and Victoria started off in a good place, with Victoria “[showering her] with gifts,” things took a turn when she began spending more one-on-one time with Tom.

During one particular instance, a movie night at Tom’s place led to a fight between him and Victoria.

“She kept on calling and calling and calling, and so he had to go upstairs, they got into a fight, he came downstairs, and he said, ‘She thinks that we’re gonna sleep together tonight.’ And I’m like, ‘What? This girl is acting like she’s my best friend,'” Billie recalled.

Looking back further, Billie admitted to telling Tom that anyone dating him has “to be somewhat thirsty and a little desperate in a way.” But when it comes to her issues with Victoria, they go far beyond that.

“She would call me slurring words because she would be on something and she would say, ‘I need to break up with Tom.’ And I’m like, ‘Why would you call his best friend and say you have to break up with him?’ And then she would [say] she’s embarrassed to be with him. She can’t bring him to parties and she’s used to being with A-list celebrities,” Billie revealed. “It’d be 2 o’clock in the afternoon. This girl would be calling me, slurring her words, talking about how much she hates Tom Sandoval, but then you guys are together? It blew my mind.”

“Victoria reads his texts. He told me, ‘Be careful what you text me because Victoria reads my texts.’ She’d be like, ‘Billie, I know you called me a walking red flag.’ [And] the fighting is constant. It’s the most toxic relationship I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” she added. “The conversation was so alarming and upsetting because she was literally was making my best friend out to be like, a piece of sh*t … I [loved her] until she was accusing Tom and I of sleeping together. That really hurt my feelings.”

It also made Billie feel uncomfortable being alone with Tom.

“[Another] time we were alone together, Tom and I went and got our nails done, she was calling and calling and calling. And as soon she answers she starts yelling at him and he’s like, ‘You’re on speaker. Billie’s in the car.’ And she’s like, ‘Of course, you’re with her.'”

As for what “really f*cking got [her],” that was when Billie learned that Victoria demanded Ariana’s stuff be taken out of their master bedroom so Tom could take it over.

“She just really wanted to let people know that she was in this relationship and that she was in this house. She moved my plants up into Ariana’s bathroom. And then she wants all of Ariana’s stuff out. And so they moved her stuff and I was so upset and bothered by that,” Billie admitted.

What she’s more bothered by, however, is Tom’s current state.

“A few of his friends and people that work with him said, ‘Hey, Tom’s not showing up to meetings, we’re really worried about him. He’s saying he’s sick every single day.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God. It’s not just me. It’s affecting everything.’ So I created a group of people and we all planned to meet, you want to call it an intervention? Whatever. We all planned to meet at Kyle Chan’s shop in West Hollywood because we were like, ‘He’ll definitely go.’ I don’t want to mention names, but the point is we were all very worried for him,” she explained. “This was my last straw.”

Although Billie included a number of Tom’s loved ones, who she did not name, she did not include Victoria.

“I didn’t include her because he literally started drinking with her and for her and she knew he started drinking because he started hanging out with her. Everything was going downhill,” she reasoned. “[But] it was a failed attempt. He didn’t show up. I go to his house afterward and I’m like, ‘Why didn’t you show up today?’ And he was like, ‘I’m feeling sick,’ which is every day. Something is wrong.”

After Victoria learned that an intervention had been staged, Billie said she began mistreating her.

“Victoria found out I did a full intervention without her, and when I would walk in Tom’s house, it was as if I killed her dog. It was the worst feeling. It’s also just dark,” she noted. “They would sleep all day long and then at 5 o’clock, they would crawl out of bed. Vampire, but on another level. Someone needs to eat something.”