Candiace Dillard-Bassett Reacts as Michael Darby’s Lawsuit is Dismissed, Plus She Talks RHOP “Exit” Strategy, Shades Costars Amid Divided Season and Talks Nneka Drama, Twitter Thread and Return to Hush, & Live Viewing Thread

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Candiace Dillard-Bassett Reacts as Michael Darby's Lawsuit is Dismissed, Plus She Talks RHOP “Exit” Strategy, Shades Costars Amid Divided Season and Talks Nneka Drama, Twitter Thread and Return to Hush, & Live Viewing Thread

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard-Bassett just scored a major victory in court after Michael Darby‘s $2 million defamation lawsuit against her was dismissed.

If you recall, Michael sued Candiace last year over  the allegations she made on the show about him allegedly offering to pay another man for a sexual favor.

Candiace reacted to the legal win, telling PEOPLE: “I am incredibly grateful to God for protecting me. I am also grateful for common sense, the support of my family and my incredible legal team for helping the plaintiff to get exactly what he deserves from me: absolutely nothing.”

Even more, the case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning the claim cannot be filed in the same court again.

In more RHOP news, fans are mixed on this season of the show. According to many, it’s headed in the same direction as the later seasons of RHOA, although its demise seems to be happening much sooner. However, Candiace Dillard-Bassett seems to be one of the ladies who has much going on. 

Not only has Candiace become a bit of a fan favorite, but she has quite a bit going on. She’s doing music, she will be returning to the scripted show, Hush, and now she’s talking about her exit strategy from the show. 

She recently sat down with ET for a virtual chat. She started by throwing a bit of shade at her RHOP cast members. She said, “For sure, there is a lot of acting happening on Potomac this season. It might be nice to let one of the girls, one or two of the girls, audition for a role as an extra [on ALLBLK’s Hush] since they want to be actors.”

She continued, “It feels like everybody went to school, everybody was in the library, and I appreciate that. It is it was weird to shoot. It was weird to film. It was weird and awkward to be in a lot of these spaces.”

Candiace also discussed her now legendary Twitter thread that talked about Robyn and her drama from earlier this year. 

“I stand by my think piece. When I tweeted that, I was upset, but I was also operating with information that you all don’t know yet. I don’t know if and when you will find out everything, but there is more that you all don’t know. Also, I will say that there’s a tweet that’s being tacked on to everything, that I said, that is being attributed to [Robyn]. That’s not for her. When I said, ‘This is your best work? It’s time to recast,’ that wasn’t for Robyn.”

Candiace also discussed the drama between Wendy and Nneka. She said, “It felt weird, it feels weird. Nneka did come in really strong, she came on really strong, and I hate that. It’s looking like her season one legacy is about someone else when it should be about her. Because she’s a smart woman.”

She continues, “There’s a lot of color to her that we don’t know because she fussed about shrines and calling people mama ‘b***hes. It’s just a lot that, unfortunately for her, has kind of derailed her.”

Candiace currently has no plans to leave RHOP. However, the multi-hyphenate did admit in the interview that she has an exit strategy. She said, “I have always had a plan. Everything is a gift. All of this, like the music, the acting, Potomac — it’s all a bonus for me. None of it is something that I feel entitled to, and I would rather live that way than the other way.”

Of course, she will also be returning for another season of her scripted show, Hush. She has also been called “the Cardi B of Bravo.” This references how before becoming a megastar, Cardi B was a reality star on another network. 

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