Are Vanderpump Rules Fans Turning on Ariana Madix? See Fans’ Comments as She Faces Major Backlash Over Living Situation With Tom Sandoval

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Are Vanderpump Rules Fans Turning on Ariana Madix? She Faces Backlash Over Living Situation With Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix predicted fans would turn on her amid Vanderpump Rules season 11, and she seems to be right — at least in part.

Following this week’s episode of the Bravo reality show, which featured Tom Sandoval, 38, calling her out for failing to pay the bills for their shared home, viewers reacted badly to a Reality Blurb article in which Ariana, 38, defended her decision to quit paying by stating that Sandoval, 41, was refusing to provide her with an itemized list regarding their expenses.

“Vanderpump Rules Star Ariana Madix Explains Her Decision to Stop Paying the Bills and Mortgage on Her Home With Tom Sandoval as He Slams Her for “Trying to Be Difficult,” read the title of the article, which was shared on Instagram on February 7.

On the Pump Rules: After Show on Wednesday, which was shared just after the episode aired, Ariana revealed why she quit  paying the bills.

“Basically, I’d asked for this itemized breakdown for so long, and it would be like, ‘You owe x amount of money,’ and I’m like, ‘How did you figure this out?’” she explained. “When we were together, maybe I would’ve trusted that sh*t to be accurate, but once all this sh*t went down, it’s like, I don’t trust a f*cking word that you say, so if you’re gonna tell me I owe you a certain amount of money, you better be able to show your work.”

After reading the article, many fans sounded off in the comments section of the Reality Blurb post.

“So I’m stop paying my bills because I don’t trust you (because you cheated on me). I don’t want you to buy me out… because you cheated on me. I see a thread, and it is pathetic. Also stop with the filters — you look nothing like your photo,” one person wrote.

“She’s absolutely insufferable,” another agreed. “She is happily miserable just to spite him. No wonder he cheated.”

“She’s coming across… spoiled and entitled,” complained a third.

Another person said they were “soooo over this mean, heartless chick.”

“She’s painful to watch,” they added.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Called Insufferable for Failing to Pay Bills Out of Spite

Someone else slammed Ariana as “overrated” and immature.

“Girl you hated sex and affection he needed it and found it. Grow up,” they wrote as another targeted Ariana’s “messy room.”

“Imagine being a grown a** woman who doesn’t know how much their mortgage/bills are,” shared another fan. “So over this chick. Being cheated on doesn’t mean you get to stop paying your bills for a house you’re legit still living in and are trying to force a sale on. She’s a professional victim, so toxic.”

“Tired of hearing about her,” added someone else.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Labeled a Professional Victim Amid Living Situation With Tom Sandoval

Another IG user said Ariana’s reasoning behind not paying was the “most bullsh*t response ever.”

“She doesn’t know the amount of her mortgage or bills are so she just doesn’t pay,” they sarcastically stated.

Then, after someone said Ariana is “not a star,” another person came to her defense.

“Everyone hating on Ariana, let’s not forget Tom took out a second mortgage to finance Schwartz & Sandy’s.  [Lisa Vanderpump] even told Ariana that was a terrible thing for him to do, putting her in jeopardy,” they noted.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Slammed for Not Paying Bills while Living With Tom Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.