Tom Sandoval Shares How Much He Offered “Spiteful” Ariana Madix for Home, Claims She Hasn’t Paid Bills in 8 Months, and Talks Incident That Led to Guns Being Removed From Home, Plus Biggest Issue in Relationship & Live Viewing Thread

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Tom Sandoval Shares How Much He Offered "Spiteful" Ariana Madix for Home, Claims She Hasn't Paid Bills in 8 Months, and Talks Incident That Led to Guns Being Removed From Home, Plus Biggest Issue in Relationship & Live Viewing Thread

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Tom Sandoval is firing back at Ariana Madix‘s lawsuit against him — as well as her suggestion that he’s the one standing in the way of the division of their shared home.

During an appearance on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Tuesday, ahead of the Vanderpump Rules premiere, Sandoval, 41, confirmed he’s made an offer to buy Ariana, 38, out of their home, claimed that she has not paid bills for eight months, and targeted her “petty” behavior as he encouraged her to stop focusing so much of her energy on him and shared the biggest issue of their past relationship.

“She’s not suing me,” Sandoval began on the January 30 episode of The Viall Files. “Ariana is trying to make it out that I am a psychopath for wanting to keep the house that we have… She’s like he gave me a sh*t offer. I gave her an offer of $3.1 million. We bought our house for $2.05 million… We both paid like $250,000 down payment… $3.1 as a buyout.”

As Sandoval and Ariana remain at a stalemate, Sandoval claims he’s the only one paying their bills.

“Ariana hasn’t paid a single bill for this house in eight months. She hasn’t paid the mortgage. She hasn’t lived there in two or three months… All her sh*t’s in the master bedroom. She comes and goes,” he stated. “I’ve put solar panels. I’ve done construction on this house. She’s being petty and she doesn’t want me to have the house. I’ve offered her a million dollars over what we bought in it three years prior… If she doesn’t want to accept my offer, then she should take the house.”

“She was literally was part of a cheating scandal and now has everything going for her, I think she’s being petty,” he added.

When Nick then suggested that Sandoval doesn’t deserve Ariana’s reasonableness due to his past cheating, Sandoval somewhat agreed before stating, “Let’s just get rid of the house. Ariana, just f*cking take it.”

Although “Scandoval,” which saw the reveal of Sandoval’s sordid affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, exposed, broke nearly one year ago, Sandoval has continued to face backlash for his betrayal of Ariana, even being targeted by Sweet Lady Jane Cakes.

Looking back on the cake diss, which saw the since-closed operation slamming him in sugar form, Sandoval admitted the shade pushed him over the edge, leading him to call a friend to get his guns.

“F*ck them. That was such bullsh*t. They put like ‘Sandoval is a liar’ on cakes,” he explained. “I’m literally trying to like make ends meet … [Ariana] doesn’t pay the f*cking bills and like I’m the only one paying them. I show up back after tour like and they’re doing a photo shoot, my assistant is helping like the fire alarms going off, and they’re like making fun of white nail polish, making fun of like everything that’s me, anything I’ve ever said and then I get the Sweet Lady Jane text and I’m like dude, I literally, I had Kyle Chan come and grab the guns from the house. Yeah that day, I was really bad.”

After noting that he owns two guns, Sandoval shared his hopes for his ex.

“I really do hope Ariana does f*cking well and keeps it going… I think her biggest thing is like… don’t focus any energy on me. Leave me behind,” he stated. “It’s not a good look. I’m just saying, she’s been a little spiteful… Like 10 months later, let it go. Keep going. Keep doing you… Forget me. Keep going. It’s not a good look. I just want her to move on.”

Looking back on their near-10-year relationship, Sandoval accused Ariana of talking down to him and refusing to be intimate.

“I love Ariana. I do. I really care about her but like this person, f*cking throughout our relationship, talked to me like I was down here all the f*cking time, and it’s unfortunate that my way of acting out against that was like me also like just getting belittled, belittled, belittled all the f*cking time, like dude and I hate to say it but I acted out cause I had such low self-worth,” he revealed. “And somebody like Raquel, somebody in her 20s like doing the essentially whipped cream, f*cking bikini thing to me like in Varsity Blues … I was like, ‘Wow. Really? Oh my God. I’m attractive to somebody?'”

“I’m not saying [she made me cheat], [but] you’re talking about somebody who wouldn’t have sex with me in almost a year,” he added.

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