Southern Charm’s JT Thomas Admits to Dating Woman He Previously Claimed Was a Stranger Trying to Defame Him, Suggests There’s More to the Story as She Reacts

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Southern Charm's JT Thomas Admits to Dating Woman He Previously Claimed Was a Stranger Trying to Defaming Him, Suggests There's More to the Story as She Reacts

Jarret “JT” Thomas is under fire for reportedly accusing a woman he once dated of being a stranger trying to defame him.

In a couple of recent posts shared to his Instagram Story, the Southern Charm star, 38, who joined the Bravo reality series last year for season nine, admitted to having a weeks-long relationship with TikToker Sabina Hunsicker, 25, but he suggested there’s more to the story — which he will eventually share.

“Okay so the girl [JT] posted and claimed not to know is actually someone he dated. He pretended she was a stranger defaming him,” Bravo and Cocktails revealed on Instagram on January 31, sarcastically adding that JT is a “stand up guy.”

Southern Charm Jarrett JT Thomas Admits to Dating Woman He Claimed Was Stranger

Prior to Bravo and Cocktails‘ explanation, JT had shared a photo of himself and Sabina, which included a couple of captions, one of which said he had a “fun time” with her this weekend.

“This was an intense [four to five] week relationship. I’ll admit that!” he added in another, stating that their romance began on March 7, 2021, and lasted through April 12, 2021.

JT then shared a second Instagram Story, which featured a photo of Sabina and a message that read, “But there are [three] sides to every story and I’m excited to share my side [three] years later…”

Southern Charm Jarrett JT Thomas Suggests More to Story About Ex

Earlier this month, in a post shared to her TikTok page, Sabina had slammed “loser” JT for doing women “dirty” and accused him of “performative” behavior.

After noting that she was “madly in love” with JT during their time together, Sabina wondered how she fell for him in the first place.

“How did I get charmed by that? Maybe because I was so much younger than him,” she explained. “But like so many other girls were as well. Because when I started posting about him, people were in my DMs talking about how he did them dirty too.”

Following JT’s latest posts on Instagram, Sabina returned to her TikTok account, where she shared a video and a message that said, “When he finally posts you out of the blue.”


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Along with her video, Sabina included a post that JT appeared to have made about her, in which he seemed to threaten legal action and suggest he had no idea who she was.

“If anyone knows what state this person lives in, [please] DM my lawyers are gonna take it from here,” his alleged message read.

Sabina Hunsicker Shares Jarrett JT Thomas Correspondence, Legal Threat

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.