Adriana De Moura and Julia Address RHOM Reunion Drama With Marcus Jordan, and React to Kiki and Lisa’s Feud as Adriana Suggests Marysol is Using Her for a Storyline

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOM's Adriana De Moura and Julia Lemigova Tease Reunion Drama With Marcus and React to Kiki and Lisa's Feud as Adriana Suggests Marysol is Using Her for a Storyline

Adriana De Moura and Julia Lemigova appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where they hinted that Marcus Jordan was involved in some drama at The Real Housewives of Miami reunion.

While discussing Marcus’ split from Larsa Pippen, 49, which seems to have since been called off, Adriana, 58, and Julia, 51, shed some light on what led up to the breakup while also reacting to Kiki Barth‘s feud with Lisa Hochstein, 41, targeting Marysol Patton, 57, and looking back on Nicole Martin‘s controversial brunch.

“Larsa and I are not on bad terms. But we texted but I haven’t had a chance to text her about [the split] because I think it’s too sensitive,” Adriana explained on the February 14 episode of WWHL, prior to seeing that the couple had reunited. “We’re all very surprised, or perhaps not because there were things at the reunion that were said.”

When Julia was then asked why Larsa and Marcus, 33, may have split, she suggested Marcus wasn’t the man he portrays himself to be.

“Marcus revealed a side of his personality that I didn’t know,” she stated. “I kind of thought he was a very sweet guy but I’m wondering if it’s true what he said … that, you know, all of us, horrible things about all of our women.”

“I think the reunion will give us a lot of answers, [and] backstage information,” Adriana added.

As for Kiki calling out Lisa for her behavior during last week’s boat ride, Julia understood where Kiki, 34, was coming from, and why Lisa was acting out.

“Lisa’s delivery was clearly wrong. It was not right so I understand why Kiki got offended, but I think it was so hot that day and Lisa was going through a lot,” she reasoned. “It was not bad intentions for throwing the food to the dogs.”

Adriana also gave grace to Lisa.

“I’ve been in Lisa’s place and I think when you go through a divorce it’s painful enough. Now when you go through a divorce in the public eye with two little kids, that takes a lot of mental strength to carry that and then being exchanged, traded on for a younger model, and then have this woman talk about it, have your not even ex, still husband talk about it, I just have empathy towards Lisa,” she explained.

Also on the live broadcast, Adriana reacted to Marysol denying having apologized to her and shared her thoughts on a future friendship.

“Well we have a long history so it saddens me to think this beef continues and she can’t let go of the bone, but maybe she has nothing else to talk about so I’m her storyline, so she’s welcome,” Adriana stated.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Adriana was asked what she thought about Lenny Hochstein, 57, wanting to build a house for Lisa, and his plans originally belonging to Lisa’s current boyfriend, Jody Glidden.

“Lisa’s new man lives in my old house. She’s getting f*cked looking at the same ceiling that I was getting f*cked looking at. We have something in common and then this is so incestuous. Miami is just this little and we’re so connected,” she noted. “[But] I don’t know, I like everything on paper because you know men, they love you and [one] minute they don’t love you. It’s a different story. So I don’t know. I hope that all goes well.”

While several episodes have played out since Nicole’s drama-filled brunch with Ana Quincoces, another caller wanted to know why Julia didn’t warn Marysol or Alexia Echevarria, 56, that Ana would be there.

“I did know, but I was there kind [in] of a love triangle. There was not one right decision to make because I would end up upsetting somebody and so I decided to kind of let it be,” Julia explained. “There was no good deed for me to say either to Alexia … [And] all I cared is that Nicole’s name would be cleared.”

“Really, is that all you cared for?” Adriana interjected. “I can fight my own fights. I’m strong. I’m witty. I can fight my own freaking fights so it’s fine, but the problem is some people can dish but they cannot take it.”

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