Is Schwartz & Sandy’s Closing? Insider Sets the Record Straight on Tom Sandoval and Schwartz’s Bar as Sandoval Slams Nick Viall for “Loser” Diss After Podcast Appearance

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Is Schwartz & Sandy's Closing? Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz's Bar Faces Rumors as Sandoval Slams Nick Viall for "Loser" Diss After Late Arrival to Podcast

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Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are facing rumors about a potential closure of Schwartz & Sandy’s.

After Schwartz, 40, was seen admitting that the bar became “toxic” following the reveal of Sandoval’s affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, last March, a Reddit user revealed that after venturing to the Franklin Village restaurant on Saturday night, they learned it was closed.

“I went to Schwartz and Sandy’s last night to check it out, and they were utterly closed. Nothing on the Instagram or website, and they were open as of three days ago,” the user wrote. “You would think they would be open on a Saturday night, but the 411 is that they’re closing soon, and there were some strange characters outside filming there. Does anyone have any information?”

In response, one person accused Sandoval, 41, of “[poisoning] an entire business and brand,” and another suspected Schwartz & Sandy’s was “going to close.

“Most places aren’t even profitable until 2-5 years after opening, and they got hit badly after Scandoval,” they explained.

Someone else said that when they visited Schwartz & Sandy’s on Friday, it was “empty.”

“I was there on Friday night and it was crickets empty. The entire time I was there (2 hours), there were probably <10 people, including employees,” the person revealed.

However, according to a new report, Schwartz & Sandy’s was hosting a private party on February 10, leading Sandoval, Schwartz, and their team to close the bar to the public.

“Schwartz & Sandy’s is not closing,” an insider confirmed to The U.S. Sun on February 13. “It was closed for a private party and resumed normal operating hours on Tuesday.”

The outlet also noted that the group is currently focused on getting business back to where it was pre-“Scandoval.”

“[Greg Morris] and the Tom Toms have had recent discussions where they sat down and tried to make a game plan of how they can refocus on S&S and just put the past behind them,” the source shared. “Greg is hoping that people’s minds will change about S&S and it can have a successful comeback.”

In other Pump Rules news, Sandoval addressed his late arrival to Nick Viall‘s podcast, The Viall Files, on the February 8 episode of his podcast, Everybody Loves Tom, via Heavy.

After Schwartz admitted the appearance was “not [Sandoval’s] best performance,” Sandoval revealed he was late after enduring an emotional night, prompted by the May 2023 loss of his friend Ali Rafiq.

“It’s been at times, initially, maybe compartmentalized or because other things have happened,” Sandoval said. “Recently it’s really, really been hitting me. And that night, the night before the podcast, was the first time it really f****** hit me. And I was literally up all night just sobbing.”

“I was just kinda out of my mind because of that and emotionally, mentally, just f****** sideways,” he added.

As for Nick slamming him as a “loser,” Sandoval was unimpressed.

“I can’t personally imagine having somebody on our podcast and calling them or referring to them as a loser or talking down about them or whatever. I get his audience, I just, I would never stoop to that level,” Sandoval noted, also stating that it didn’t feel like “a very welcoming, warm place.”

On Nick’s podcast, Sandoval had pointed out that Ariana Madix, 38, made a habit of “[belittling]” him amid their nine-year romance, which caused many to call him out for seemingly deflecting and refusing to take the blame for their messy split.

Even Katie Maloney, 37, reacted to the interview, slamming it as a “sh*t show” on her podcast, Disrespectfully.

“Mr. accountability, I like to call him,” she said of Sandoval. “Because he would always scream in people’s face — like, my face, anyone else’s face — about not taking accountability, when I’ve never seen that man be accountable for anything ever.”

Sandoval also accused Nick of being late to his podcast, which Nick denied with receipts.

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