RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley on Why It’s Been “Difficult” to Support Kyle Richards, Where She Stands With Garcelle, and Hoping for Rinna’s Return, Plus Marriage Update and Reunion First, Plus RHOBH Live Viewing Thread

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RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley on Why It's Been "Difficult" to Support Kyle Richards, Where She Stands With Garcelle, and Hoping for Rinna's Return, Plus Marriage Update and Reunion First

Dorit Kemsley struggled to support Kyle Richards amid her marital issues with Mauricio Umansky during the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

While attending the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday night in Santa Monica, Dorit, 47, opened up about the divide between her and Kyle, 55, revealed where she stands with Garcelle Beauvais, 57, and expressed hope for Lisa Rinna‘s return to the Bravo reality show while also offering an update on her marriage to Paul “PK” Kemsley, 57, and teasing a reunion first.

During a February 18 interview with Access Hollywood, Dorit, who did not pose with her castmates on the green carpet, revealed if there was anyone she did not want to see at the event.

“No. I’ve been doing it long enough that you can see anyone and you can let bygones be bygones and be okay,” Dorit replied.

That said, she and Kyle “definitely” had a lot to talk about after their season 13 falling out, which came as Kyle grew closer to Morgan Wade, 29.

“Kyle and I definitely have some conversations and you know it’s necessary … when you’re close, it’s inevitable that you have some highs and some lows. This year was strange, both independently for us and also in our friendship, collectively, so yeah, it was inevitable, we had to have some, hash some things out,” Dorit shared.

According to Dorit, it wasn’t easy to support Kyle through her marriage drama with Mauricio, 53, because she was unaware of what was actually happening between them.

“When you care about somebody, it’s not about knowing all the details, it’s about really feeling like they know they can always lean on you,” she reasoned. “You want to also defend, but when you don’t have the full picture and you don’t have a good understanding, it’s difficult. But you have to wait for your friends to open up and feel comfortable.”

While Kyle didn’t share with Dorit in the way Dorit expected, Dorit said that when it comes to their relationship, she believes she and Kyle “will always end up landing on [their] feet.”

“I love her. I know she loves me. I hate when we’re not great. I know she hates it too so you’ll have to see,” Dorit revealed.

Following a rough 13th season, Kyle has hinted at a potential break from RHOBH.

“I think whatever feels right, is the right move for her and I know that sounds cliche but it’s true,” Dorit said in response. “I think we all have those moments, and I’m sure Kyle has said and felt that way before, but here she is, she’s still around, so I think you have to kind of have a little distance, and then you have a new perspective. And we’ll see.”

Moving on to her tension with Garcelle, Dorit confirmed she’s open to repairing their friendship.

“I am always open to get past anything,” she stated. “I like Garcelle. I never saw us or felt us having an issue but you need two people to feel that way so my heart is always open to it, and it really depends on her.”

Looking ahead to season 14, Dorit said she would love to see Lisa come back.

“Don’t I wish?” she asked. “I love Lisa. I loved being on the show with her, I always will, and if that’s meant to be, I’ll be welcoming her with open arms.”

As for her own marital hardships, Dorit said she and PK are in a much better place today than they were during filming.

“It never is [easy] having some low points in your life, in your private life, and then it being out there for the world to have something to comment about, but thankfully we’re very good and it’s been excellent and I feel very positive about the future,” she gushed.

Also during the interview, Dorit commented on what’s been referred to as the “strangest” ending of a reunion.

“It was a first for sure, [the] first ending ever like that,” she teased. “If I give you a hint, you can do simple addition, yet it’s not addition, it’s subtraction. And that’s how we ended.”

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