Here’s Why RHOBH Fans Are Convinced Kyle Richards Leaked Split Story to PEOPLE After She and Morgan Are Caught Watching “Deep Dive” on Her Relationship With Mauricio Days Before Split News

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Here’s Why RHOBH Fans Are Convinced Kyle Richards Leaked Separation Story to PEOPLE After She and Morgan Are Caught Watching “Deep Dive” on Her Relationship With Mauricio Days Before Split News

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Could Kyle Richards have been the one who leaked the news of her separation from Mauricio Umansky to PEOPLE magazine in July of last year?

After the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast was seen speculating about who may have shared the news on the finale episode of season 13 last week, many have grown convinced that it was Kyle, 55, who shared the news with press, especially after she and rumored flame Morgan Wade, 29, were caught tuning into a deep dive about the rumors just days prior.

“Kyle and Morgan both watched my entire deep dive days before the separation was ‘leaked’ to PEOPLE,” Face Reality 16 shared with their fans and followers on Monday, along with a screenshot of the ladies tuning into a live stream on June 30.

“There seems to be a large piece of the puzzle missing from the RHOBH finale. Back in late June 2023 I posted a Kyle and Mauricio deep dive (can be found in my highlights Kyle/Mau/Mo). It’s fair to say that the deep dive went viral and was shared by most Bravo blogs on IG (there’s a TikTok version as well). At some point within the 24 hours the deep dive was live in my stories, Kyle and Morgan both looked through the entire dive,” they shared. “Why is this significant? My deep dive into what was going on with Kyle, Mauricio and Morgan went viral and a lot more people started asking a lot more questions and noticing a lot more details that they hadn’t before.”

According to the fan page, Kyle “used the same language in the finale that the ‘source’ used in the PEOPLE article,” including a comment about “living under the same roof” with Mauricio, 53.

They also gave a nod to the fact that Kyle had been more concerned with getting to the bottom of the “Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy” story of season nine, which featured a leaked story about an adopted dog that once belonged to Dorit Kemsley, 47.

“Kyle was less concerned with who leaked her separation than who leaked the Lucy Lucy Apple Juice story speaks volumes to me. It’s all a little ‘sus’ is what I’m saying …. Who do you think leaked the story to PEOPLE??” they wondered.

Editor’s Note – Even more, Reality Blurb published a story speculating about Kyle’s marriage and her relationship with Morgan on July 3, citing Facereality16’s investigation into this. Earlier that day, before publishing out story, we reached out to Kyle’s rep to see if they wanted to deny the story before we published it due to it being such a serious matter. We never heard back.

Within a few hours after our story started making its rounds and getting lots of traffic, the PEOPLE article confirming Kyle and Mauricio’s split came out the same day. My original suspicion was that Kyle or Mauricio had leaked to story to try to control the narrative shortly after we published ours speculating that they had split. After Kyle and Mauricio’s denial, I wondered if perhaps the leak came from the producers of RHOBH… but that’s not possible as Kyle and Mauricio hid their split from the show, and only filmed scenes about the split after the PEOPLE story broke. If Kyle and Mauricio hid their split from the show, their costars, and their kids, how could PEOPLE have been so confident to break the news?

“Kyle leaked it and I’ll die on this hill,” one person responded.

Another asked, “Doesn’t [PEOPLE] magazine call the sources before going to print to request a comment? You can’t really be blindsided can you?”

“If [PEOLE magazine is] reporting it than it’s coming from a PR for either parties involved,” wrote a third. “Kyle continues to lie to fans thinking it’s the early 2000’s and us viewers don’t understand how reality TV works nowadays.”

In another post, also shared by Face Reality 16 on Instagram, they offered yet another clue.

“Another dead giveaway? It never once in this article says anything like ‘we reached out to Kyle and Mauricio for comment but they did not respond.’ Isn’t that reporting 101? Unless your source IS the person you’d be reaching out for a comment from and there’s no need…,” they stated in a post shared to their Story.

RHOBH Kyle Richards Caught Leaking Separation to PEOPLE

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