VIDEO: See RHOBH Reunion Trailer! Sutton Suffers Health Scare, Dorit Accuses Kyle of Trying to “Silence” Her, & Confronts Garcelle for Pushing Fake Narrative About Home Robbery as Kyle Confirms Divorce Talks, Plus Kathy Makes a Cameo

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VIDEO: See RHOBH Reunion Trailer! Dorit Accuses Kyle of Trying to “Silence” Her, & Confronts Garcelle for Pushing Fake Narrative About Home Robbery as Kyle Confirms Divorce Talks, Kathy Makes a Cameo, and Sutton Suffers Health Scare

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Dorit Kemsley claims Kyle Richards attempted to silence her ahead of filming on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 reunion.

In the just-released trailer clip for the upcoming episodes, Dorit, 47, puts Kyle, 55, on blast, claiming she minimized their friendship and confronting Garcelle Beauvais, 57, about her statements regarding her home invasion. Kyle was also grilled about her separation from Mauricio Umansky, 53, Kathy Hilton, 64, made an appearance, and Sutton Stracke, 52, suffered a “scary” health crisis.

“Erika says she wants me to eviscerate you today,” host Andy Cohen, 55, tells Kyle backstage as the sneak peek begins.

He then asks Sutton who will have the most to answer to.

“Lord knows, [Annemarie Wiley]’s list of apologies is gonna be like a scroll,” she replies.

Also backstage, Dorit tells Erika Jayne, 52, “Kyle sends me a text yesterday, basically trying to silence me.”

Once they arrive on set, after Dorit reacts to claims of being labeled “fake,” Andy reads a question from one of his cue cards.

“Kyle’s dancing around the reason for her split. What’s the real reason and why won’t she just spit it out?” he asks.

“We all share what’s going on in our lives,” Sutton adds.

But according to Kyle, “That’s not true.”

“You came into this season just to come after me,” she says to Sutton.

Then, after Sutton accuses Kyle of being “relentlessly,” encouraging her, a la Denise Richards, 52, to “watch the show,” Dorit goes head-to-head with Garcelle about Garcelle’s insinuation that her jewelry wasn’t actually stolen.

“You say I attacked you when you know what an attack is,” Garcelle tells Dorit.

“You do know I had a gun to my head. But what is crazy is to actually go on national television and to peddle a false narrative,” Dorit fires back.

Annemarie, 40, and Crystal Kung-Minkoff, 41, are also feuding.

“I don’t want to be part of your system of lies,” the season 13 newbie informs her on-screen nemesis.

“Are you ever gonna apologize to me for saying that I said [Sutton] had an eating disorder?” Crystal responds.

Crystal then faces drama with Erika after seemingly suggesting her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, 84, is faking his dementia.

“I don’t know what Crystal’s saying, if she’s saying he’s faking it then just say that,” Erika shares.

When the topic of Kyle and Dorit’s friendship is brought up, Dorit accuses Kyle of minimizing their relationship.

“You minimized our friendship to one trip,” she states.

“You knew that by saying something like that, it was going to create a bigger problem for me with the whole Morgan situation,” Kyle replies.

Kyle also faces questions about Morgan Wade, 29, her friend and rumored flame.

“Could you see yourself with Morgan?” Andy wonders.

But all Kyle will say is, “Um…”

She’s then met with claims regarding Mauricio’s potential infidelity and the photos that surfaced of him and his Dancing With the Stars partner Emma Slater, 35, holding hands.

“[It did] not feel good,” she admits.

Andy presses on, asking if there have been talks about someone moving out and wanting to know if she and Mauricio “talk about divorce,” which prompts Kyle to nod her head, “Yes.”

As the clip comes to an end, Kathy arrives and Sutton starts to convulse.

“Can we call somebody please?” Garcelle asks.

“You’re shaking! You’re shaking! You are really shaking,” Andy adds.

“Oh God, that’s scary,” notes Dorit.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 reunion begins airing next Wednesday, February 28, at 8/7c on Bravo.