RHOBH’s Crystal Kung-Minkoff on What Erika Jayne Did That Didn’t Air, Not Agreeing With Garcelle Questioning Dorit’s Robbery, Plus Why She’d Quit Show, & Denise’s Suspicion at THC Dinner

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RHOBH's Crystal Kung-Minkoff on What Erika Did That Didn't Air, Garcelle Questioning Dorit’s Robbery, and Why She'd Quit, Plus Says Denise Thinks She Was "Given [Something]" at Dinner Party

Crystal Kung-Minkoff shared what Erika Jayne did off-camera that didn’t air and explained why Erika was so upset about the comments she made about her legal drama amid the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Nick Viall‘s podcast last week.

As she reacted to questions Garcelle Beauvais, 57, raised about Dorit Kemsley‘s home robbery and revealed what would make her quit the show, Crytal, 40, admitted to thinking that Denise Richards, 52, took something before Kyle RichardsTHC dinner and dished on her off-air encounters with Erika, 52.

“Erika was very protective of me with [Sutton Stracke] my first season, and you never see a second of it,” Crystal said on the December 7 episode of The Viall Files. “[She] went after her, ‘Leave Crystal alone like, she’s brand new’ … So I think that’s probably why she was so hurt by me. Like, ‘I protected you and now you’re coming for me.'”

As fans saw on RHOBH season 12, Crystal raised questions about Erika’s potential involvement in Thomas Girardi‘s fraud crimes against his former clients.

“I’m not trying to go for you. I want for you to express that genuine care that you showed me to help you. Like that’s what I wanted for her,” Crystal explained of her inquiries. “So I just didn’t understand why she wouldn’t. So now I feel like things have settled in a place where she feels safer to say those things.”

Although Crystal insists she had no ill intentions, she doesn’t believe Erika was completely innocent.

“Do I think that she was involved? No, I don’t. Do I think she turned a blind eye? Like maybe,” she admitted.

Moving on to Garcelle suggesting that Dorit’s robbery was suspicious, Crystal said she didn’t like the comment.

“I love honesty and shade and all that, I think some of the other girls are obviously much better than me at it but that one was a lot,” she stated. “Garcelle and Sutton are like my close friends, but that was a lot.”

As for whether she believes Garcelle truly has questions about the legitimacy of Dorit’s robbery, which left the RHOBH cast member with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Crystal said she did.

“Yeah. She wouldn’t say that [if she didn’t feel that way]. Why would you put yourself out there like that… I think she actually believes that,” Crystal explained.

Following three seasons on the show, Crystal said that when it comes to what would make her quit, it would have to involve her family.

“On a blanket statement, I don’t like people coming after people’s marriages. I’m like one of the lasting people married with young children… When you were asking about what’s too far… Don’t touch my kids, don’t touch my mom, don’t touch my husband,” she stated. “That’s my life, and I know what happens in my life. I just think that can be dangerous cause that narrative out in the world can affect your family.”

“I’m very protective of my household in a way that’s like If people did that, I’d be like out. I’m like done because I just think that’s too far. So that’s something that would be too much for me,” she added.

Looking back at the “Dinner Party From Hell” episode, part two, Crystal confessed to thinking Denise had taken something before she arrived at Kyle’s home.

“Denise was on the same side of me… [And] I didn’t realize how lit she was until I watched it,” Crystal shared. “She always said I did not take anything before. In fact, I was on the phone with her walking in here. She called me. And I said, ‘Girl like, you were…’ And she’s like, maybe cause she had a cold, maybe there was codeine in it. Like there was something. You took something. And then she goes, ‘Can you get codeine over the counter?'”

“I’m like trying to figure out. I’m like, ‘Because in no way were you sober,'” Crystal continued. “We filmed the next day, and she was like sober, and it was me, Sutton, Garcelle, and her, and we’re all like how was last night, and she started laughing so I said, ‘You knew that you were kind of f**ked up at that moment.’ But ever since, she somehow has remembered that she wasn’t. So, she feels like something was given to her. I don’t know.”

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