RHOBH Reunion Recap: Kyle Blames Dorit’s Comments About Kathy For Rift & Accuses Her of Fueling Morgan Rumors as Garcelle Addresses “Unconscious Karen” Diss and Crystal Slams Dorit & Annemarie

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Reunion Part 1: Dorit Comes in Hot, Calling Kyle a Manipulator; Crystal Believes Annemarie Weaponizes Her Profession; Plus Garcelle Addresses the "Unconscious Karen" Comment

The season 13 reunion is underway for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle has her crystals and Garcelle is burning sage, and it’s not even 7 a.m.! Dorit is less than pleased with Kyle and feels very manipulated. Their friendship will be a hot topic as Andy digs in to get some answers…

A while back, Kyle told the press that Dorit exaggerated their friendship. Obviously, this hurt Dorit’s feelings, and before going to set, she vents to Erika. Dorit explains that since then, she hasn’t heard from Kyle in a few months, and yet just the day before, Kyle sent Dorit a novel-long text trying to “silence” her. Erika agrees with Dorit and believes this is Kyle trying to manipulate the situation.

The women begin trickling in to meet Andy on the set of the “backyard cocktail party in the Hollywood Hills,” and of course, Dorit is late to the party. She has to get sewn into her dress and needs to get her hood just right. Yes, her hood. When she makes her entrance, they all look like they’re trying to stifle their laughter, and Andy blurts out, “Hey, hood!”

Andy takes a moment to greet each of the ladies, and Annemarie explains that she has a Dutch name that is, in fact, pronounced AnnAmarie. Eye roll. Andy wants to know how Kyle feels about Erika claiming it’s now Kyle’s turn to be eviscerated at a reunion. Kyle explains that Erika has been an amazing friend to her, and although it hurt her feelings, she didn’t take the WWHL comment to heart.

However, Dorit has an issue with this (what doesn’t Dorit have an issue with?!). She points out that Kyle said the “headlines hurt,” and she compares that to what Kyle said to the press about their friendship or lack thereof. Kyle explains that she did not appreciate Dorit asking about her marriage on camera, and she did not like how Dorit claimed to be replaced by Morgan. Kyle makes it clear that she doesn’t have that close of a friendship with Dorit since they don’t have much in common.

Kyle is over Dorit saying things to stir the pot, especially regarding Morgan. However, Dorit makes it clear that the Morgan situation has been in the media, regardless of what she did or did not say. Dorit goes on to call Kyle a punisher and a person who shuts people out. Dorit brings up the text and calls it manipulative. The back and forth continues until Andy jumps in to say he hopes for a resolution.

This season for Garcelle has focused a lot on her family, particularly her boys. Garcelle explains she chose reality TV because it keeps her home and around more for her children. She goes on to share that her ex has yet to talk to the boys about his infidelity, and she explains that’s why she takes on the roles that she does with her sons.

The conversation moves to Dorit and Garcelle, the duo that never was and never will be. Dorit felt hurt to feel like a friend of hers did not trust her. And to that, Garcelle retorts it hurt her feelings to watch friends of hers laugh at the situation that had to do with her son!

Regarding the “unconscious Karen” comment, Garcelle feels like Dorit is just unaware, which is a really kind way to put it. Garcelle goes on to walk Dorit through what an *attack* is– hell, Dorit lived through one and certainly will never stop reminding us about it. Garcelle is trying to make the point that Dorit KNOWS what an attack is, and it is certainly not what Garcelle was doing to Dorit.

Annemarie chimes in (why?) and brings up the situation where Sutton told Annemarie to stop yelling at her. Annemarie points out that she is a Black woman too, and by Sutton saying she was yelling, she was weaponized as a Black woman looking aggressive. Garcelle claps back and reminds Annemarie that she can certainly stand up for herself (as proven many times), but Annemarie lets everyone know that it was Dorit who stood up for her in that moment.

Garcelle cannot take Dorit seriously when she feigns being upset that Garcelle said she lived in a bubble BECAUSE Dorit later posted a picture with the caption: “Happily living in my bubble.” That didn’t really land well. It looked like Dorit was sticking her middle finger up at Garcelle. Andy jumps in to say two things can be true, and it’s important to listen and say less (cough, cough, Dorit). Dorit asks Garcelle point blank, “Do you like me and do you have a problem with me?” And Garcelle is not sure where they can go from here, if anywhere.

Andy shifts to something lighter and highlights the freaky moments throughout the season. I’m talking Magic Mike, bull riding, and even scissoring lessons. The one important thing out of this segment is that we learn Sutton has made out with her private driver on more than one occasion. When asked about Kyle’s new outlook on dating a woman, Sutton jumps in to say, “I don’t think any of us would be judgmental or care,” as a way to perhaps finally get Kyle to talk, but alas, she does not.

Annemarie tearfully talks about her mother’s recent passing, and she’s given a moment to grieve before Andy “turns right.” 8.5, I mean Annemarie, has had no problem calling things out and speaking her mind, but the negative feedback from viewers has affected her.

Regarding Crystal, Annemarie states that she is cool off camera, and the gates are opened to begin their bickering. Crystal says Annemarie introduced herself as an anesthesiologist, not an anesthetist, and Annemarie says Crystal introduced herself as a housewife. Crystal denies this and points out that Annemarie has proven to be a liar many times throughout the season. Crystal believes that Annemarie intentionally misrepresents her job because most people do not know the difference. Crystal wishes that Annemarie did not blur the lines, but the way she “weaponized” her profession against Sutton was infuriating.

Annemarie apologizes to Sutton, and Sutton makes it clear that what hurt her most were the rumors that Annemarie was spreading, like that she had an eating disorder. Sutton calls it a lesson learned.

Crystal has seemed to find her voice this season, and when she did, she let loose on Annemarie. Crystal explains that everyone has gotten very thin these last two years, so she is constantly comparing herself and not focused. The one thing that pushed Crystal was when Annemarie brought up the eating disorder. She demands an apology from Annemarie for saying Sutton has an eating disorder, and Annemarie pivots to Crystal calling the women shallow. When Annemarie calls Crystal “less than truthful,” Crystal threatens Annemarie not to throw rocks.

Dorit talks about how she was offended to be called uneducated and announces that she is the only woman on the couch with a college degree. She gets SHUT DOWN as many more ladies remind her they are college-educated. Crystal goes on to say she stands by her uneducated comment because Dorit called her a child bride. As an Asian person, a child bride is equivalent to a mail-order bride. This is exactly what Garcelle is talking about with Dorit!!

Kyle is almost unrecognizable this season, and it seems that a big motivation for Kyle’s changes comes from her best friend Lorene’s death. Kyle explains that she is still grieving. Regarding her friendship with Kyle, Dorit wants to understand that she’s always wanted Kyle and Kathy to be okay, and she didn’t want to get in the middle. Kyle interjects and says that Dorit doesn’t know Kathy that well, and she feels like Dorit wants to be on the side of whatever the audience agrees with. And she sees that pattern with Dorit a lot of the time. Dorit sits aghast, and Kyle is just beginning…