Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Files For Separation From David Eason as She Cites Examples of His ‘Erratic Behavior’ and Reasons for Split in Legal Filing

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Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Files For Separation From David Eason as She Cites Examples of His 'Erratic Behavior' and Reasons for Split in Legal Filing

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Jenelle Evans has reportedly filed for legal separation from David Eason. While this isn’t a full-on divorce, it seems that might be the next logical step, as the couple and their kids have had several notable incidents since appearing on Teen Mom 2.

As some fans will recall, Jenelle and David began dating in 2015. They married in 2017 and had a blended family with kids from previous relationships. David and Jenelle have one daughter together. They haven’t been on Teen Mom 2 since 2019.

According to TMZ, the filing date for their separation is February 16 of this year. The court documents show there are some pretty significant reasons why Jenelle is filing for legal separation from David. Allegedly, he exhibited erratic behavior and abused various substances. The court documents also list refusal to work as a cause for the filing.

However, these allegations aren’t the worst of the couple’s problems. David is currently facing charges for abusing Jace, who is Jenelle’s son from a previous relationship. In fact, they were both previously investigated for child neglect due to Jace running away from home multiple times. He also had various bruises.

Jace told law enforcement that he wanted to escape his home life because of David’s abuse. As far as anyone knows, Jace ran away from home three times before coming forward against David.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason pose with their daughter Ensley Eason. Credit: Instagram

Of course, there is also controversy over David killing Jenelle’s dog. However, he claims he did so because the pet was a danger to their daughter. His reasoning has never been confirmed.

Apparently, David has not checked on Janelle and the family since the separation. Additionally, he’s said to be living on their boat. Again, this is not a divorce, but Jenelle wants primary custody of their daughter, child support, and control of the marital home. She also wants most of their marital assets.

This probably won’t be the last time we’ll hear about this separation and impending divorce. Hopefully, the kids can be shielded from as much family drama as possible.